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Question about May Day planning meetings

Confusion on the IMC events calender
It looks like there are meetings darn near every day in April at the Geek, but the posting details claim that the meetings are every Thursday from 7-9p. What's up with that folks?
!?! 06.Apr.2006 16:40


I have noticed that too. But there isnt a meeting every day. The next one is tommorrow? I think. MamaB it would be nice to see you there. Love ya

May Day 06.Apr.2006 22:43


Are kids ( Toddlers ) wlcome at these meetings?

boomshakalaka 07.Apr.2006 00:16

cranky old man

that depends on if they have anything to contribute.

Yes they are. 07.Apr.2006 15:49

Michael b.

Yes they are welcome. I am sorry that no special provisions have been made for children attending the meeting. Maybe we could spend some time figuring that out with folks that come.
I am also aware that the mayday co-alition is planning a family welcome may pole event at the first rally location, it would be great to have more parents input on how to make Mayday parent accesable, and kid freindly.

In common struggle,
Michael b
Portland Anti-Imperialists