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clouds of tears

come sweet rain
Clouds of tears
An editorial

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

Come sweet rain and wash away the darkness of hate, despair and restore the sweetest of all words hope to a divided nation; unite with one effort and one cause freedom. Dear gods in heaven make this true, freedom for all those true. America is a mixing bowl of cultures, religions, races beliefs and loves, let no ,man and woman be judged for whom they choose to love or be loved by, no clergy, no government, no extremist be our judge. If the blood of civil war comes let it be on the republicans head for it is their fault. If our vote in this republic becomes futile Chester then an Army will march forth as a storm to wash away the stain of treason and corruption which has befallen our great nation. They say who can do a better job, democrat, independent, republican nay none of these men and women can be trusted with our lives any more. The republic is a shell of what it was, strength and bullying is all that is left. We destroyed the communist horde as they were called by simple economics we out spent them and are research and development was bit better then theirs. A modern navy, a military force to rival that of thaspatience legions. We in 1990 became the last great super power, the so called policemen of the world; rogue states in the Middle East now have power to destroy our world

"Absolute power
corrupts absolutely.
Which is a problem;
If you're powerless."

--Drago Museveni,
"Manifesto" CY 8433
Why because a broken nation needed money, to rebuild a broken super power; they sell their tech to the highest bidder. Clerique and Immans of central Asia who demerigrate the holy Quran by misinterpitation, they preach hate, we too have our bigots in our homeland; men like Micheal Heath and his Christen Civic league of Maine, Pat Robertson and his Christen broadcasting company and other like Jerry Fallwell, Jimmy Sweggart and other evangelist. These men and women teach hate because they too misinterpit the scriptures. They too persecute those who do not follow their values, god created all of us, each different, each color, each gender, each religion, each culture, nymphs, lesbians and gays all created by the God of Abraham and Isaac and the gods of the Greeks Zeus, Apollo, Athena goddess of wisdom, Aphrodite goddess of love, Haidies the god of the dead, an the God of war Aries they created our world not man, the gods made us who we are as a people, men like Hannibal, Cesar, Alexander created civilization that brought man education, writing, technology. Places like Alexandria in Egypt, Rome, Athens, Sparta places not of this world anymore but birthplaces of words like freedom, justice, honor and courage and in 300ad when Rome took the Russian Steps known then Zarmatia and hero's and legends arose from the dust like Jason and the Argonoughts, Hercules, King Author of Britton and his Zarmation knights. Our world, a world of many nations now needs heroes. A rap singer named topac said it best "war may come and go but my soldiers are eternal" George Walker Bush is a liar, a coward and a thief an all those whom support you are serpents, carpet baggers, and thieves. Flood now the tears of a nation and courage bring to those who suffer tyrants and pig eating son's of whores. Plagenoius said the saddest of all death is the end of hope; America let us restore hope, courage, honor and tolerance to our broken land and wash away for ever the blood of tyrants. And bring forth the light of true freedom to our world, our nation.
The attempt is being made to hijack "God & Faith" from us. . . 06.Apr.2006 16:26

-- TRUTH is inside us all --

just as our country has been 'hijacked from within'.

However, NEVER allow yourself to lose faith or hope; or lose your belief in God. Because by doing so, it only gives them more power. 'Those in power' feed on FEAR. Never forget this.