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Joseph C. Wilson

(American patriot or Economic Hit Man)
Ambassador Joseph Wilson spoke at Willamette University on April 5, 2006. Many of his in-laws were present from the marriage to his present wife Valerie Plame. This author researched Mr. Wilson's background and came prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. Of some concern in prior research were allegations that Mr. Wilson's company Rock Creek was controlled by Mohammed Alamoudi - a member of the Saudi-Ethiopian dynasty. Delta Services, Alamoudi affiliated, and Delta Oil were partners with Afghanistan's Taliban regime. Wilson shared the view that President Bush's policy towards the Middle East and Iraq was dominated by a cabal of pro-Israeli "neo-cons". He served as foreign policy advisor to the Al Gore campaign in 2000. Move.on.org was financed by billionaire George Soros who had business interests encompassing BTC pipeline that Mohammad Alamoudi's Delta Oil was helping to build. Wilson began advising Kerry's campaign around May 2003.
Joseph Wilson began his speech by admitting, unlike Bill Clinton, he had smoked pot and he did chase women. He stated that he had been close with many Republican oilmen in the past. He also acknowledged that a competent liar was better than incompetence. He explained that he retired from the Foreign Service after 1998 and began a consulting business that allowed him a nice home in D.C., two six-year-old boys, and a beautiful wife. He admitted that he liked his jaguar convertible and time to play golf. He actively promoted Democratic causes during his speech.
This author was allowed to ask a question of Mr. Wilson: "In 1988, '89 Valerie Plame's group at the CIA was responsible for interdicting a shipment of VX nerve gas being sent into Iran by the contractor Carlyle Group to 'salt' the evidence for weapons of Mass Destruction. For the past number of years Valerie Plame's group had purchased black market weapon's material from the former Soviet Union in order to destroy it. Scooter Libby was associated with Marc Rich who worked with the Soviet Mafiya; do you think your wife was outed for her activities and you were the excuse?"
Mr. Wilson's response was intriguing. He first stated that he could not broach classified information. He then implied that the author was a follower of conspiracy theories. Out of kindness or to appear tolerant he admitted that Marc Rich should not have been pardoned and that his ten years of criminal behavior deserved more than exile to Switzerland.
To put this question in context, several points need to be highlighted that were not possible in order to keep the question concise. First, Wilson served in Baghdad, Iraq as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy from 1988-1991. This is the same time period when Valerie Plame's group interdicted VX nerve gas shipments into Iraq, and when Wilson was married to his former wife. The Soviet Mafiya could well have found Valerie Plame a problem since the cost of weapons material to other real terrorist groups would have gone up after Valerie's success. Wilson overtly dislikes the AIPAC group, but was careful to separate the American Israeli Political Action Committee from the normal Jewish American. He went on at some length about this. It is true that the Carlyle group has strong ties to Israel and is run by a Jewish CEO. What was less clear from the question were ongoing links with the Soviet Mafiya through Israeli citizenship that many Soviet Mafiya maintain, and the possibility that Marc Rich told Scooter Libby to take care of Valerie. This would have solved several problems for the troublesome duo of Wilson - Plame who were not supporting the neo-con agenda.
The question remains is Joseph Wilson a true American patriot, or a clever Economic Hit Man positioning himself for some Democratic policy position when Republicans lose in the next election cycle?