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KPTV announces"Outside Agitators" at Schumacher's

KPTV's rambling Jim Hyde appeared to give the Schumacher's more of a free commercial (on our public airwaves, under the guise of news) than an accurate story. No surprise, since Hyde was spotted sitting cozily with the Schumachers during yesterday's excruciatingly whiny city council meeting.
In this morning's KPTV broadcast, reporter Jim Hyde spent more time ogling through a deserted fur shop following along as Greg Schumacher lifted staggerly awful coat after staggeringly awful coat from the racks. (I don't just mean awful in that animals died for those coats, I also mean gross in the sense of fashion disaster. One of the coats was a shockingly awful pink affair. Another, garish red with poofy things hanging on it. You can't buy taste, can you.)

There was a quick glance at the very one-sided city council meeting, and then a most interesting observation on the part of Mr. Hyde. He said he figures the protests will continue, "Despite the apparent presence of outside agitators." He then went on to share a clip of IDA's Matt Rosell saying something about how "We can encourage people to protest a certain way, but we can't tell them what to do." (I am paraphrasing that, because I did not write down his words. My apologies, Matt, if I got that wrong. If so, please correct it.)

I find that very transparently interesting because it's similar to the corporate media spin on what is happening in Iraq right now, not to mention Afghanistan. It's always "outside agitators," isn't it. It's easier for them to believe that. Easier to demonize anyone doing anything that resembles real action that way as being "outside" the "more civil" activities of others, and this is an obvious attempt to get protesters to start "policing" each other. In addition, Mr. Hyde stated that "the leader of the protests says he has a plan as to how the Schumachers can stay in business." What? Hmmm. More context, man. I'm not sure who they could possibly mean when they refer to a "leader of the protests." That's kind of like being the "King of the Anarchists," is't it? But Mr. Hyde seemed to be implying that Matt Rosell, since he is such a great spokesperson, must be leading the rest of us. If that's who he meant, I sincerely doubt that Matt is interested in helping the Schumachers stay in business.

Since I was there yesterday, I waded through the spin a bit. I did not hear the particular exchange that was cut up for the sound bite that Hyde interpreted as being about "outside agitators," but I believe that Matt was probaby responding to a question about some of the more raucous activities that may have taken place at the infamous fur shop, and refused to either take credit for them or condemn them. Yes, we are always only responsible for our own actions, and cannot control the actions of others. I very much doubt that Matt was trying to imply that so-called "outside agitators" are interfering with "his" protest. Nice try, Hyde. Either way, the notion of any "leader" of a city-wide belief that fur is gross is just silly. The corporate media spends way too much time with the cops, who always assume there is a "leader." (It's easier for them that way. If there is a leader, they can go after him or her, thereby earning their keep as guardians of the status quo.) As I'm sure Matt would be the first to tell you, there are no leaders or followers in the animal rights movement. There are just people who follow their hearts.

Thanks to Matt and all the other AR activists who showed up yesterday, and who show up day after day in front of Schumacher's.
Oregonian 06.Apr.2006 08:37


Had a piece in the Metro section today about the city council meeting yesterday. It did not make Schumacher's look very good, but it wasn't a shining endorsement of animal right's activists either.
Much love peeps, I'll see you on the streets.

Easier to dump on agitators 06.Apr.2006 13:31


The old protesters are "outside agitators" crap.

Demonize the protesters as people from the outside.
Unknown persons who come into our city to make trouble.

It makes it easier for the citizens to accept us being
bashed in the head, pepper-sprayed, arms broken, and arrested.

They feel that afterall, they're not one of us -

But in fact, we ARE one of you.

proud to be a vegetarian american! 06.Apr.2006 13:31


outside agitators--how ridiculous! actually, that fits in with something i've been thinking more and more lately: even if partly as a joke, we AR people should turn the beleif that we are anti-american back onto its head by wearing patriotic clothing. i haven't gotten around to it yet, but i plan to go thrifiting for a t-shirt with the good old red, white and blue on it to wear to demos, etc. ha! whether or not we are 100% proud to be from here, we are amerians and the flag should represent us too.

proud to be a vegetarian american!

Outside agitators 06.Apr.2006 15:57


Of course, I don't need to tell you that that's what folks said about Martin Luther King, Jr., too. But King said that injustice to one is injustice to all.

Wear what you want, just come to the party! 06.Apr.2006 17:32


There has been so much chat about what to wear and what people think about the protestors. Who cares? Just get your behind out there to tell Schumacher's and his customers that we are not going away. The animals need us to keep up the pressure on businesses that threaten their lives. Can you imagine if this was a discussion about saving human animals instead of non-human animals and people were focusing on image and clothing? Wrap yourself in a flag or better yet, take all of your clothes off. Whatever works to shut them down.
Until every cage is empty, until every animal is safe, the fight must never stop!
I'm bringing vegan banana bread this Saturday....mmmmm, vegan....

appearances 09.Apr.2006 18:00


i wonder why it is so hard to grasp the idea that the way protesters look does affect how their message is perceived/received by the general public. it's basic psychology/understanding of human nature. sure, if your aim is to just cause a ruckus and enjoy being rebellous, dress however. too bad though, one would think the goal would be to try to reach out to (must be called outreach for some reason)the public and let them know what happens behind the scenes of fur production.

KATV "news" (more like Faux News) 16.Apr.2006 00:01

Theresa Allen zumina@animail.net

I'm new to the area and orienting myself to Portland media. So glad to find this island of sanity amidst this pathetic media fodder for the masses. I sent an email to KATV, chiding them for lazy and lousy journalism re: Schumacher. This story was especially surprising given the small blurb I read in WW not too long about about this little man's vitriol. After reading your article on the coverage, I now understand why KATV "news" seems more like FAUX "news"....unfair, unbalanced, fear-mongering, distracting, and crony-run.

On a little bit better note, I just emailed KOIN news to thank them for having better journalistic integrity by airing a more complete story, including footage of the animal suffering that no one wants to see.

Keep up the vital and courageous work Matt Rosell and Independent Media Center!!!
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