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Dagoba Organic Chocolate Recall

Recent testing identified that certain shipments of three of our products - Eclipse 87%, Los Rios 68% and Prima Materia 100% - were found to have lead levels that exceeded Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. We notified the FDA, and working cooperatively with the organization, we issued a full recall of the product beginning on Friday, March 31.
Q: What products are being recalled and what are the lot numbers?

A: Dagoba is recalling the following products Eclipse 87%, Los Rios 68% and Prima Materia 100%. Detailed information concerning the lots and distribution dates for these products is contained below.

1) Dagoba Organic Eclipse 87% Extra Dark, 2 oz bar
UPC 8-10474-00113-3
12 - 2 oz. bars per case/144 bars per master case
LOT CODE Year/month/day === Distribution Dates
20061122 === 11/22-11/30/05
20061130 === 11/30-12/01/05
20061201 === 12/01-12/06/05
20061206 === 12/06-12/13/05
20061213 === 12/13-12/19/05
20061214 === 12/14-12/19/05
20061219 === 12/19-12/27/05
20061227 === 12/27-1/03/06
20070103 === 1/3-1/16/06
20070116 === 1/16-1/30/06
20070130 === 1/30-2/13/06
20070213 === 2/13-2/20/06
20070220 === 2/20-2/27/06
20070227 === 2/27-3/06/06
20070306 === 3/06-3/13/06
20070313 === 3/13-3/24/06

2) Dagoba Organic Los Rios 68% - Ecuador Arriba, 2 oz bar
UPC 8-1047400118-8
12 - 2oz bars per case/72 bars per master case
Lot # Distribution Dates
20070213 === 2/13/06-2/23/06
20070223 === 2/23/06-3/23/06
20070323 === 3/23-3/24/06

3) Dagoba Organic Prima Materia 100% - Ecuador Arriba, 2 lb brick
UPC 8-1047405122-1
2 lb brick/4 per case
Lot # Distribution Dates
20070109 === 1/9/06-2/23/06

4) Dagoba Organic Los Rios Chocodrops 68% - Ecuador Arriba 5 lb bag
UPC 8-1047405518-1
5 lb foil bag/ 4 per case
Lot # Distribution Dates
20070222 === 2/22/06-3/24/06

5) Dagoba Organic Los Rios Chocodrops 68% - Ecuador Arriba, 25 lb bag
UPC 8-1047422518-5
25 lb bag
Lot # Distribution Dates
310240498 === 1/17/06-3/24/06

6) Dagoba Organic Eclipse 87%"Broken Bars" Forest Grown Organic Dark Chocolate, 1.5 lb bulk bags
UPC: None
1.5 lb bulk bags/ 10 per case
Lot # Distribution Dates
n/a 11/22/05-3/24/06

Q: What should I do with the recalled products? How do I return them?

A: The recalled products should be returned to the point of purchase so they can be returned to Dagoba for inspection and destruction per FDA guidelines. They should not be thrown away, consumed or stored for possible future sale or consumption.


Like gasoline, can I buy unleaded chocolate?... 06.Apr.2006 04:28

Pravda or Consequences

How does lead get into chocolate?

Lead? 06.Apr.2006 07:51


P or C asked the very question we wanted to ask. How DOES lead get into chocolate. We always buy fair trade chocolate now, but how is it processed? Maybe Nestles is dumping lead...who knows!

fair trade is the only way to go. 06.Apr.2006 09:46

going after the little guy

who would waste their time going after Dagoba chocolate??

have you tested the main stream lablels??

chocolate could be contaminated in many ways starting with farming practices. if the water used to irrigate the plants is contaminated, then there's a chance the beans will also be contaminated.

the water used in the processing of the chocolate could also be the cause.

another possibility is employee sabotage.

could also be a competitor who's afraid of small companies taking too much business from them.

remember the production of chocolate is a bloody mess. if they are willing to kill for chocolate beans, then there's no telling what they will do to keep their customers.

Nestle is owned by Unilever, which was part of the slave trade in the carribean and central america.

Not a Conspiracy, yet 06.Apr.2006 11:53

not leaping to conclusions

An article I saw stated the company was not sure why the lead got into the chocolate. They are sending a team to Eucador where they get their raw materials. One thought is the soil has a natural high lead content.

adding clarity 07.Apr.2006 20:00


just in case readers become confused: Dagoba is an Oregon company based in Ashland. They are not connected to Nestle at all. They buy fair trade whenever possible, and they do what they can to help their growers become part of the fair trade network. I kind of doubt the lead would be employee sabotage, as they appear to be a small ethics-based company.