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FRANCE: unlimited general strike?

Meeting in Lille this weekend the national coordination reunited student activists and delegates from 114 higher education colleges and schools. In a up beat communiqué issued at the end of the assembly the national coordination are calling for moves towards an unlimited general strike as "the only issue for the national Days of Action, and the only way to push the government onto the defensive and repeal the "Equality of Chances" legislation."
The unions are being asked to declare unlimited strike action from 4th April with direct actions to take place with effect from that date. On Wednesday 5th April school and higher education students will be taking direct action with union members against business premises, with occupations and public assemblies to help broaden the movement. Thursday 6th April has been called as a national day of action to block transport routes with Friday 7th April a day of support for arrested activists and against state repression with assemblies to take place at court premises around the country. Saturday 8th April will see the organisation of co-organised demonstrations with the unions bringing together workers, the unemployed/unwaged, précaires and temporary workers with students. During the school and University Easter holidays, which start in some areas this weekend the occupations of universities and schools will continue and on Tuesday 11th April, simultaneous demonstrations will again held in all towns and cities in France.

Tous ensemble, par la grève générale reconductible, nous allons gagner !

"All together, with an unlimited general strike we will win" ends the Communiqué

Source IndyMedia Marseille 3rd April 2006