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Various helpful internet tools

various alternative websites and free ware.
Latly, there have been disputes over what kinda search to use. Aol and yahoo turn people in, and google is racist, so who? I have found Ask.com ( link to www.ask.com. it is also free, and protects your identity. as i write this, it is currently down, but should be back up soon.

I also found a nifty 3D animation tool known as anim8or. it is free, full of features, and can be downloaded here: link to www.anim8or.com. it only does stick dudes and is really basic, but is VERY ammusing. I made an animation i call "DONT MESS WITH THE LITTLE GUY!!!".. very funny. anyhoo, i hope you found this usefull, and post any questions or comments.

p.s. if you have zonealarm security suite, you will have to shut it down to download anything. when your done, turn it back on and run a virus/spyware check. it will probably find minor spyware (tracking cookie or adware) but it should delet it for you.
Thanks Calvin! 05.Apr.2006 20:10

a fan

Happy to see Portland Indy's youngest beat reporter going high tech. Thanks for the information! I didn't know about either of these before you pointed them out.

oops 05.Apr.2006 20:15


I dont know why this didnt show, cause i know i wrote it, but  http://www.hidemyass.com/ is the identity protecter... NOT ASK.COM!!
also,  http://www.snapfiles.com/get/stickfigure.html is what you use to make funny little animations... not the one mentioned.the one mentioned is VERY difficult to figure out.

Thanks 06.Apr.2006 01:27


Thanks for the info. You should also check out Anonom.OS it's an operating system on a CD that makes you pretty much invisible when online (hides your ip address, encrypts information sent, etc.). It can be used on library computers and internet cafe computers so long as you can reset the computer. The best part is it's free!

my favorite algorithm 06.Apr.2006 07:12

Al Khwarizmi

Here's a good comparison.

Using both Google and Ask, search for:

Zacarias Moussaoui statement of facts, pdf

Which search algorith gives you a "scholarly" result at the top of the page that says:

"the war on terrorism is bogus"?

curious 06.Apr.2006 08:08


I'm not doubting your statement about google, but I hadn't heard anything about them being labelled racist. What is the incident that leads to that claim? As it is, I wasn't terribly thrilled about their caving the censorship in China.

Scroogle is... 06.Apr.2006 08:51

lil geek

a nifty search engine, too. I just like the 'up yours, Google' vibe, mostly....  http://www.scroogle.org