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Schumachers Present Rambling Diatribe Before City Council Today

This morning, Linda and Greg Schumacher, along with their security guard, their accountant, and a friend from Zell Brothers jewelry store (located across the street from Schumachers) all railed against what Greg called "domestic terrorists." To bolster their case, they brought along a sheaf of email correspondence and copies of various Oregon Revised Statutes, which they claim show that the city needs to start arresting people for demonstrating in front of their fur store.
I knew I was going to have difficulty containing my own feelings of revulsion as soon as they walked into the council chambers. Linda came in a horrific brown jacket with some kind of dead animal pinned in place at the collar and wrists. Greg wore his usual expression of snide bafflement. They were accompanied by the tall security guard who likes to shake pepper spray cannisters, the pale, pudgy little white guy with the glasses (apparently, his name is Nick Krahmer and he's their accountant), and a vapid young woman draped in a black fur coat that resembled nothing so much as the earthly remains of a dozen or more house cats. Linda and the other woman draped their blood-soaked garments across the backs of their chairs and left them there, which seemed like an unnecessarily crass thing to do in my opinion.

Actually, to be honest, it made me want to cry to see those two shallow, vain people exhibiting their (waning) wealth in this unthinking way. You see, I have recently adopted a couple of so-called "fur-bearing" animals whom I love very much, and I have gotten to know them as loving, complex beings capable of the same feelings that you or I have. I was haunted by the knowledge that others of their kind suffered and died for those hideous coats. The animals that are killed to make such garments are thinking, feeling beings who do not owe the Schumachers a living any more than the city of Portland owes them any kind of subsidized security to protect them from the opinions of those who find what they do for a living to be immoral. But, I digress.

My hands shook in an effort to contain my anger toward these frivolous, empty, selfish people. The younger woman shuffled about the room on her strappy little stilts, handing out thick packets of literature which Linda shoveled out of a large box and gave to her by the armful. Apparently, they hoped that these documents would make it clear to the city council that their interests should take precident over the First Amendment rights of the people who protest what they do for a living. The packet opens with a short email message to Nick Krahmer from the address  KapGrp@aol.com, which appears to be from a representative of the Fur Information Council of America. The message states, in part, that the Fur Information Council of America "respect[s] the rights of every individual to choose what to wear, what to eat, where to shop." It goes on to describe people who disagree with the fur industry as "domestic terrorists," and says that these people "commonly engage in anarchistic [sic] activities" (shudder!).

The next item in their packet of "evidence" is an email message from Edward Atiyeh of Atiyeh Brothers carpets (email:  eeatiyeh@comcast.net, telephone: 503-292-1545, address: 7595 SW Broadmoor Terrace, Portland 97225). The letter appears to be a co-miseration with the Schumachers over the unwillingness of city officials to deal with the undesireables who plague those who try to make a living peddaling luxury items to the wealthy downtown. After making reference to the city as "the city that doesn't work," Mr. Atiyeh compared the presence of anti-fur protesters outside Schumacher's to the "transients and homeless people sleeping in our doorway and urinating on our outside walls." He went on to complain that he and his family had to move their business out of downtown Portland due to this rabble, and that "no city official has ever made an effort to thank us or encourage our being a vital part of the downtown community." (Perhaps those officials didn't recognize that selling expensive rugs made by the thin, bony fingers of small children in the third world to upper crust elites in Portland is much of a contribution to this community. I'm sure we would have missed them greatly, had we even noticed that they'd left.) Ominously, the message concludes, "Some day I hope the city commission will have some business people serving on the council instead of the commissioners we now have with no business or management experience but are just politically oriented." (Imagine. People going into city government out of an interest in politics, rather than an interest in money.)

There was also an anonymous email (with the address and name conveniently blacked out) from someone purporting to be a customer of the Schumacher's. The general drift of this message appears to be that a family from out of town saw "a pink coat" in the Schumacher's window, and wanted to buy it for their 3 year old daughter, who is presumably too young to understand that the soft pink fur is actually the skin of dead animals. They were appalled to have people approach them, showing "bloody posters of animals" to their children. (Better to be responsible for the blood and suffering, I suppose, than to be forced to look at it.)

The packet concludes with a list of statutes which the Schumachers believe have been violated by protesters, and a second email from the Fur Information Council -- crib notes coaching the Schumachers for today's city council meeting which so grossly distorts reality that I will treat it separately later, when I can actually digest so much nonsense. Stay tuned for that, another day.

In any event, the Schumachers took all five slots so that no one from the other side of this issue was allowed to speak to the commission this morning. Nevertheless, it does not appear that they found much sympathy among the commissioners in this town of people who love animals. Randy Leonard, in particular, seemed to feel blindsided by the Schumachers' disingenuousness in playing the corporate media, and Mayor Potter sternly refused to take sides. (Interestingly, Jim Hyde of KPTV sat with the Schumachers throughout the proceedings. Those who frequent Videos from the resistance will remember him as the corporate stooge who blathers on about anarchists and bombs in "Fuck the Corporate Media." Those who haven't seen it can download it here for free:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/static/pdxvideo.shtml. Remember also that KPTV recently took part in some cheap publicity for the Schumachers, when they gave away a coat as part of an on the air contest. But, back to the story at hand.)

Linda's voice rose and creaked precipitously as she enumerated the sins of those who would tell people the truth about her furs. At one point, she rose from her seat in a garish crescendo, waving a large poster of a naked bottom over her head, claiming it was that of a protester. (Probably. It was in much better shape than any of the soft, doughy buttocks over on the fur side of the room. Again, though, I digress.)

She was unceremoniously cut off by Mayor Potter, who admonished her to put the sign down, since he had already told protesters that they could not hold up their signs. (Several people had used sharpies to write pointed messages on the backs of the packets that the Schumachers had passed out earlier.) When Linda's rambling three minutes were at an end, he cut her off again. On a brigher note, Linda did reveal that the protests are having quite an effect on her outlook. Said she, "I won't even leave the store because they're on me in a second." Indeed. Linda also made what appeared to be a reference to Portland Indymedia as "their website," when she stated, "They also put on their website 'Let's give the Schumacher's the death of a thousand cuts.'" While I am not certain that this is a reference to pdx indy, since I never saw this comment here, I flatter myself to believe it might be.

Greg flailed about in his testimony, making reference to a stalking order that he feels is not being properly enforced by officers, and noting for the hundred millionth time that Schumacher's has been in business for 111 years. 111 years. That's 111 years. Mr. Krahmer and a security guard from the store both then spoke vaguely about harassment, and someone named George, whose last name I did not catch, spoke about his view of things from Zell Bros across the street. He said that, from his perspective, the protests "have grown volatile" and then stated, "When you see the number of people standing out front [of Schumacher's], I sure wouldn't wanna walk in there." (That is, after all, the point. Isn't it?) He then went on to explain that, hey, "I'm as liberal as the day is long, but...." No kidding.

In the end, as I said, it did not appear that the Schumacher's had made a very strong case, in spite of their having taken every available spot to speak. Linda's stridently disrespectful tone toward commissioners did not seem to endear her to them any more than her bloody coat endeared her to anyone in the audience. Randy Leonard expressed relief that Mayor Potter is back in town so that this potato is in his garden now, and for his part, the mayor tiptoed delicately between competing interests. If one can reliably read facial expressions, though, I'll bet the mayor is an animal lover. Either way, it would not hurt for people who care to call or write to the commissioners to let them know where you stand on this.

They can be contacted here:

Tom Potter, Mayor
Commissioner of Finance and Administration
1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 340, 97204
Phone: (503)823-4120
E-mail:  mayorpotter@ci.portland.or.us

Sam Adams
Commissioner of Public Utilities
Position Number 1
1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 220, 97204
Phone: (503)823-3008
E-mail:  commissionersam@ci.portland.or.us

Randy Leonard
Commissioner of Public Safety
Position Number 4
1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 210, 97204
Phone: (503)823-4682
E-mail:  randy@ci.portland.or.us

Dan Saltzman
Commissioner of Public Affairs
Position Number 3
1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 230, 97204
Phone: (503)823-4151
E-mail:  dsaltzman@ci.portland.or.us

Erik Sten
Commissioner of Public Works
Position Number 2
1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 240, 97204
Phone: (503)823-3589
E-mail:  erik@ci.portland.or.us
Thanks 05.Apr.2006 20:23


Thanks for the great write-up. A story on the spontaneous, after-meeting demonstration will be posted soon.

IS KPTV Owned by FOX? 05.Apr.2006 20:54


is kptv fox???

Nick Krahmer -- Former Prisoner? 05.Apr.2006 21:04

Animal Activist

By no means am I stating this to be fact -- I have no idea. I cannot obtain a picture to either confirm or reject this...


There was a Nicholos Krahmer who, in May 2004, was one of the first prisoners in Salem to get a flat-screen TV. ( http://www.katu.com/salem/story.asp?ID=66866). Apparently Nicholas was convicted of stabbing someone.

Upon doing a bit more investigation, Nicholas Krahmer is a white male who is 29 years old and is under unsupervised custody. ( link to www.vinelink.com)

If anyone out there has any manner to either confirm or deny this, that'd be great. Again, I do NOT know whether this is the same one or not -- many people share the same name.

Fur giveaway was a Schumacher ripoff 06.Apr.2006 09:18


First of all KPTV is owned by the Meredith corporation which you can find on the internet under "who owns what in Meredith corp". Also by someone who gave me the heads up Schumacher is at it again and ripped off the Fur winner by giveing a Fur valued at less than $5,000. instead of $27,000.!! Schumacher at it again!!!!

I need a copy of that email! 06.Apr.2006 12:40

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

That email wherein it's alleged that a letter mailed to "Nick Krahmer" calls anti-fur activists "domestic terrorists" is something I _REALLY_ need to get a copy of.

People here may know me for some research and reports I did into the mythology building within the FBI and related law enforcement and intelligence agencies, evaluating the justifications and motivations of such agencies to label mundane criminals as "terrorists."


This alleged letter would be valuable for an update to my research. The mythology building among the nation's law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies have quickly been picked up and carried by much of the poorly educated and gullible populace, and that email would be perfect for my next update into the phenomena.

If someone has a copy, would you email it to me, please?


Hey Linda thanks for the inspiration! 06.Apr.2006 14:52

Eric The voice of the defenseless

I called up that poor exscuse of a radio station last night referred to as K-PAM (I believe that is the call letters) after hearing the one sided and slanted reporting of the host...I spoke with her for about 15 minutes and she kept trying to say inflmmatory rhetoric to get me going (sorry did not work) and then she proceeds to mis-quote and outright mis-inform people regarding facts concerning the events that unfolded recently whereby my daughter my maced....The police officer was attacked my ass! Then Linda Schumaker calls up and proceeds to call me a liar about how long altered pictures remained hanging in their windows and "I'll take a lie detector test" she caws...RIGHT! I would like to thank the selfish, narcisistic, self-righteous, evil, disgusting, money mongering Schumakers for their inspiration to keep me coming to protest their store and the fur industry as a whole...KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK PEOPLE I AM PROUD OF YOU ALL!

Nicholas Krahmer 06.Apr.2006 17:02


Here's what I found out:

There is a "Nicholas A. Krahmer" born 4/1/77, who filed a stalking order against Jonathan Mills, one of the protesters.

There is also a "Nicholas Alan Krahmer" born 4/1/77, convicted of these felonies:

Assault 2, Assault 4 (A Misd.), 5/19/2000, Washington County - Case No. C00-0276CR. Sentenced to 70 months in prison.

Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle (C Felony), Attempted Agg. Burglary (B Felony), 9/23/1998, Washington County - Case No. C97-3387CR. Sentenced to 6 months.

Failure to Perform Duties of a Driver (C Felony), DUII (A Misdemeanor), 10/8/1996, Washington County - Case No. C96-1350CR. Sentenced to 6 months.

While not absolutely proof positive... 06.Apr.2006 17:35

Stop Cruelty stopcruelty@gmail.com

As there's always the possibility that there are two Nick Krahmer's who share the same middle name and birth-date, and both residing in Oregon, and both white, I find it highly unlikely. Sort of like getting struck by lighting twice and living to tell about it.

If only we could get a picture of the convicted Nicholas Krahmer's picture to determine if it was the same guy or not. If we could (thereby proving it was the same guy), I'm sure it wouldn't bode well for Schumacher's... Hiring indivudals who were previously convicted of assault, along with other crimes, and attempting to pit their testimony against those who haven't been.

Again, as stated above, I'm not saying that our friend Nick at Schumacher's is the same one... Just that, based upon Varro's comments, it seems all the more likely.

Indy scoops the MSM Again! 06.Apr.2006 18:24

Madam Hatter

Catwoman - it's great to see your writing here again. Thanks for excellent reporting and commentary - as always. And... great work by Animal Activist and Varro - what a bombshell! Once again, Indy scoops the MSM - Right On! Can't wait to see what they do with this little tidbit. Will they ignore it? Will they jump on it? Bet they don't give credit where credit is due.

It appears the old adage might be true for the Schumachers - give 'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves with it.

I saw something else I hadn't heard mentioned before: that the Schumachers' landlord threatened to evict them if they didn't take down their posters aimed at protesters. Was this mentioned at all at the meeting?

Once again - thanks for the excellent reporting.

Easy to get a picture... 06.Apr.2006 22:49


What you need to do is get the most recent jail booking photograph of this guy. Looks like all his cases are out of Washington county. When an inmate is booked into jail, generally their photo is taken by the Sheriff's Office jail staff. These photos are public record. Call the Washington County Jail, give them the name and date of birth, and for a few dollars they should be able to suply you with this guy's photo. If you can find out the arrest date that could help. Multnomah county does it this way, I believe that Washington county does, too. The State Department of Corrections in Salem is another idea for a photo.

Also, is this guy the security guard we are talking about? If so, security guards cannot work unless they are licensed by the state (DPSST: Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, located in Salem and Mounmouth). If he is working as an unlicensed security guard he is violating state law, as would be Schumacher's for employing him in that role. Meanwhile, DSPPT is supposed to check the background of security guards, covicted felons are not allowed to work as security guards anywhere in the state. If this is the same guy, report him (and Schumacher's) to the DPSST Private Security Unit in Salem. He will be forced out of his job in the very least.

Not only that, but if he is working security when he is not allowed to, anything he does on the job (such as pepper spraying people, arresting people or assisting in that process, etc) makes him a HUGE liability for Schumacher's. A decent attorney could really nail Schumacher's to the wall on this if anybody gets injured as a result of an unlicensed securoty guard's actions on Schumacher's behalf - but only if it is the same guy.

Good hunting! Please keep us updated.

Channel 8 news should get involved 07.Apr.2006 08:05


Channel 8 news should get involved to get the KPTV and Schumacher rip off fur some due!!! I wonder if KPTV's parent company Meredith corporation knows about Schumachers rip off coat??

Pic of Nicholas Krahmer 08.Apr.2006 02:59

You tell me if it's him...

 link to www.ktvb.com

Link to pic about him in prison with TV...is it the same guy?
Pic in prison
Pic in prison

Affirmative. 08.Apr.2006 10:38


Yep, that's him all right. Good work, indy crew.

Small biz guy makes a good point, of course, that being convicted and serving time in prison does not make one a bad person. However, defending the torture and killing of helpless animals DOES make one a bad person, and in my opinion anyway, this man who has been in trouble already for "assault with a knife" has demonstrated a disregard for the safety and wellbeing of others. Could there be more skeletons in his closet? Is it possible that he gets off on torturing and killing those whom he perceives as weaker than himself? Based on the evidence so far, it would seem so. This is, therefore, an important piece of information.

(It's also kind of funny that the clueless Schumacher clan hired this guy to be their "accountant," since he apparently also has some sticky-finger crimes on his record.) (Not that I'm against the re-distribution of wealth, by the way, but it is funny.)

believe it or not, but... 08.Apr.2006 16:54


was on his meds when he was before the Commissioners...otherwise, he'd been hell to have dealt with!

that looks like the "accountant" 08.Apr.2006 22:39


actually, the prison pic looks more like the "accountant" who says people mistake him for a security guard.

also, can anyone verify something i heard about a several hundred-thousand$ judgment against Greg Schumacher for running a greenpeace canvasser off his property with a gun?

schumacher fur protest 09.Apr.2006 20:31

mista gigglepus

Greg and Linda are playing a game-although losing horribly, they are playing it dirty. Which comes to mind-when/if they do move into loyd center, will we still be able to protest? Or maybe target Nordstrom's across the way?

And can anyone tell me about the legal issues involved with amping up the protest?

I've got 2 lonely mega-phones......

The Accountant 10.Apr.2006 06:43


I had heard that this so called "accountant" for the Schumachers was personally known by Greg's wife before she married Greg. Linda knew Nick Krahmer before and while he was in prison.
Can anyone verify how he is an accountant? is he certified? or carry a degree in this field?

Dogsitter??? 11.Apr.2006 05:02

- -

After some researching, It seems that Ms. S had been a dogsitter before she began wearing death. Don't know if she still is doing "dogcare". Anyone else know of this?

gigglepus - 14.Apr.2006 19:34


we are very careful with amplified sound at the protest; we must stay within city limits, and use amplification carefully, without, or even with, a sound permit. Please check with Matt Rossell, who is acting as the police liaison, before using any amplified device. Amplified sound must be continually checked. We really don't use a megaphone for making constant announcements or speaking down the block - the sound must be quite low. Legally speaking we are always on clearest ground when using our own voices or playing instruments (as street musicians seem to have some sound exemptions). Generaly speaking, we do not want to amp the protest except with our own voices when chanting - and we can do a lot with that.

Schumcher and Greeneace activist 15.Apr.2006 00:01

julie ann

In response to the April 8 comment regarding judgment against Greg Schumacher for running a greenpeace canvasser off his property with a gun. I met Greg 15 years ago and I recall him telling me that his uncle did in fact run a greenpeace activist off his home property with a gun. I actually got to know Greg quite well and he is quite a piece of work. Even back then he complained nightly about animal activists protesting the store.

Is This Your Boy? 19.Apr.2006 01:18

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

*Oregon Dept. of Corrections Detail

Date of Birth Apr 1 1977
Current Status POSTPRISON
Responsible Location WASH
ID Number 11417249
Admission Date Dec 1 2005
Caseload Number 5232

Case Description KOPPERMAN, DIANE
Institution Risk Assessment MINIMUM
Community Supervision Lvl HIGH

Offender Description(s)

Gender MALE
Height (ft in) 508
Weight 230
Hair Color BROWN
Eye Color BROWN


Court Case Number Q9407062T/01
County Code WASH

Court Case Number C973387CR/01
County Code WASH
Crime Description BURGLARY II

Court Case Number C973387CR/02
County Code WASH

Court Case Number C973387CR/04
County Code WASH

Court Case Number D9706790T/01
County Code WASH

Court Case Number C961350CR/03
County Code WASH

Court Case Number C961350CR/05
County Code WASH

Court Case Number C000276CR/02
County Code WASH
Crime Description ASSAULT II

Court Case Number C000276CR/04
County Code WASH


Mar 30 1999
Sentence Length Years 004
Feb 16 1995
PPS Sentence Length Years 000

May 30 2000
Sentence Type PV

May 30 2000
Sentence Type PV

There was more, but this seemed to be the important part