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Marines Patrol Streets in Toledo Ohio

Seeing how will we will react?
Picture-a resident took of the oppressors.
Picture-a resident took of the oppressors.
Twice in the last month 20-30 marine reservists, fully attired in camo, and armed to the teeth with semi-automatic machine guns patrolled the streets of downtown Toledo, OH for an entire weekend. The Blade said they were authorized to fire live blanks at innocent civilians. I first noticed them outside the window of the school where I teach...they walked within feet of a bus stop where two schools worth of students stood confused, scared, and horrified. I took the following photo from my 4th floor window...

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ooh, so dark 05.Apr.2006 22:49

gimp doctor

hurray for "auto level correction"

Whaaaattttt??? 06.Apr.2006 04:54


What do you mean they were "authorized to fire live blanks at civilians"???
This is really creepy. Tell us more!!!

Just some harmless fun... 06.Apr.2006 06:52

Mr. 30 Yards Away

Here's an article from the Blade

 link to www.toledoblade.com

I'm sure 300 gun-toting jarheads playing GI Joe will have a "miminal" effect on residents. "Mommy, who are all those people?" "Oh, Billy, they're just spreading freedom around so the terrorists won't kill you as easily"

I guess Toledo is a lot like Bagdad. Who knew?

Maybe they heard Klinger voted for Gore...

Marines don't own the world 06.Apr.2006 12:05

not a former marine

Why can't these guys just train in a deserted city out west somewhere or I'm sure the military has enough space that they could build or already have built a "mock city" for them to train in. Put some actors in there and there you have it. I know I'd be pretty disturbed if Marines were actively training in my "peaceful" city.

Screw this!! 06.Apr.2006 13:29


I thought that in the constitution it said that the military was not allowed to police American citizens unless martial Law was declared??? Whether or not martial law is in effect or not I wont tollerate the military walking in my streets with guns. IF they try than maybe the wether men will get there wish. The next thing is a little off topic but I have to get it off my chest. THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO BE IN THE MILITARY!!!!!!!! I know all the tricks of the military recruiters (well at least I think I do). I know they target people with low education, and low economic status. But fuck that! If someone joined the Army because it was the only way to pay for college, or because they thought there only other option was to work in a mill, so they chose the Army, than ok. You made a mistake, LEARN FROM IT AND LEAVE! Everyone has got a reason for homocide, but no reason can justify it. If you are in the military get out, not after your contract is up, not in 2 months, or even 2 days, NOW. Otherwise you are a class traitor, just like the cops. I dont take kindly to Class traitors, and no one should

Whose Streets? 06.Apr.2006 22:35

forever shrill

"Marine officials said the training will have minimal impact on area residents. They asked that citizens stay 30 yards from any Marines taking part in the exercise." --from the Blade article

The bloated Pentagon budget sucks up roughly 50% of the GDP...The DoD has real estate from Pt. Barrow to Key West, from Kauai to Bangor--and that's just in the U.S. Why can't they play on their own turf?

Instead the corrupt mouth breathing politicians look the other way, turning civilian territory over to the war gamers...they "ask" that citizen's stay away from them--this on the citizen's streets! Where the hell is the resistance? Is it because they have guns? Well, there the hell you have it!!! Somebody go piss on their shoes!!

If they want to train in downtown Toledo, then buy the goddamned place and make a base out of it!! Fuck the Marines. Fuck their arogant, disconnected authority!!

getting people used to it 06.Apr.2006 23:59


a potential reason for the location of the training exercise is to get us citizens used to the military's presence on the streets. it's not too different than the marketing strategies used by corporations for selling their products or services, and the us military operates a lot like corporations. read the handbook given to military recruiters and look at what they refer to as "points of sale" which means getting a young high school kid to sign their lives over to the government. point of sale, that should really explain how they view human life, as a commodity.

not for nothing as well, its pretty likely that people in the armed forces would readily patrol our streets and shoot our own people. there's a history of that starting from the American Revolutionary war when George Washington had his soldiers shoot another group of his own soldiers. they were refusing to go on because they hadn't been paid and were being treated like shit, so rather than treat them like humans, or like the well taken care of officers, they killed them.

when you become a soldier, or a cop, you cross a line

blanks. 07.Apr.2006 09:43


Blanks can kill someone if you fire at them from 10 feet away or so.
Could someone who's able please find out if they're being trained on
only shooting at feet, or will it be like other "non-lethals" where
no one's insisting that they avoid center mass and faces!!!

Because most military personell are aware of this, I'm worried that
this might be a subtle "shoot to kill" without them having actually
stated it.

It will be comforting to the public if we're aware that there is
some form of "proper training" being articulated.

It's a frightening nightmare if we find out they're not!

article 08.Apr.2006 00:38

verification, this shit

Marines to conduct urban training in downtown

Once again, the sound of gunfire will ring through downtown Toledo as Marine Corps Reservists participate in urban training.

About 300 Reservists from Company C, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines, headquartered in Lansing, and Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines, headquartered in Perrysburg, will conduct patrolling and convoy exercises. The training began last night and will continue through 9 p.m. Saturday.

The Marines will wear desert digital camouflage uniforms, carry rifles, perform foot and motorized patrols, and fire blank ammunition during the exercise. These are routine exercises held to enhance the unit's proficiency in urban and other tactical operations.

Marine officials said the training will have minimal impact on area residents. They asked that citizens stay 30 yards from any Marines taking part in the exercise.

 link to www.toledoblade.com

Marines reservists training downtown 08.Apr.2006 00:40

jenna b

March 9, 2006 - Expect to see men and women in uniform and their Humvees in Toledo over the next few days.
For the second time this year, members of the 1st Battalion, 24th Marines will hold training exercises in the Toledo area. The Marines are from Lansing, Michigan and Perrysburg, Ohio. They were also in Toledo at the beginning of February.

The Madison building downtown will serve as the staging area from Thursday morning through early Sunday morning. City officials say this drill will be larger in scope than previous exercises, and will also include other areas in Lucas and Ottawa Counties. The city says downtown visitors shouldn't experience any disruptions.

The Marines consider the training important in preparing for deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. The drill is scheduled to begin around 6:00 p.m. Thursday and end at 3:00 a.m. Sunday.