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Report back: Willamette Valley Indy project

This last Saturday people from the Willamette Valley and coast range met in Corvallis for the second organizing meeting. The group was enthusiastic and wants to go forward.

We decided to keep the name Willamette Valley Independent Media project. We like that the project will look closely at our eco-system, and our river as our namesake. We want to explore our connection to the earth and rebuild the commons and closer ties to each other, the earth and this beautiful place that we live in.

We are looking for a space to have a media center. Hoping to find something soon that is affordable. We are looking for equipment donations including video and audio equipment, software for editing, computers and people to skill share.

We will meet in a month and learn about how internal organization including communications can work. We will have informal meetings to talk about the project at the downtown Beanery in Corvallis every Saturday at 10:30 AM.
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