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The National Disgrace of Katrina

It is 7 months post Katrina. Vast parts of N.O. still look like a war zone. While the U.S. spends billions destroying Iraq, our own people are still without homes, electricity, basic services. Out of the media spotlight, Katrina survivors are still struggling every day to get food, water, shelter.
Two days in New Orleans and my life is changed forever. There are no words to describe the devastation that remains seven months after Katrine.For much of the country, NOLA is old news. For people here it remains a monumental battle both against the destruction and aftermath, and also against the system that is racist, classist, corrupt and greedy
There is enormous need for volunteers.On-going home rehab will take years. At the peak of Spring Break there were 3000 people here, Today it's about 300. People Power is the greatest need, but almost every thing imaginable is needed from baby diapers to tools. Stores are boarded up and toxic so there's no running to to corner market for milk & bread.

Visit CommonGroundRelief.com. Common Ground is fantastic! Up out of the flood waters, holding the community together. Amazing! We may all need to know how to do this soon.


Come here if you can. You must see it to comprehend - both the destruction and the power of community to persevere and triumph.It will change your life forever.
If you can't be here, send what help you can. Find someone who does solar systems and convince them to donate one - the generator is noisy and breaks down at regular intervals.

NOLA is truly a national disgrace. The crime persists. We must not forget.

homepage: homepage: http://commongroundrelief.com

correction 03.Apr.2006 08:21


It is really www.commongroungrelief.org

Just like 9-11 ... 03.Apr.2006 15:59

Jody Paulson

I think the travesty that was the response to hurricane Katrina goes beyond mere incompetence. Watch this old lady get body slammed, have her gun taken away and carted out of her own house like a criminal:


Kind of looks like a dry run for martial law, doesn't it? What about the earwitnesses that say the levy was blown?

 link to p216.ezboard.com

What about Halliburton's Kellogg, Brown & Root who hired undocumented workers (who were never paid) to work, essentially as slaves, cleaning up after Katrina?