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Report back: Willamette Valley Indy project

This last Saturday people from the Willamette Valley and coast range met in Corvallis for the second organizing meeting. The group was enthusiastic and wants to go forward. We are inviting the Prometheus radio project people to come visit us and teach us about Low-Powered FM. We will be contacting Indymedia network for technical assistance. Willamette Valley Independent Media Center ... it's a go
We decided to keep the name Willamette Valley Independent Media project. We like that the project will look closely at our eco-system, and our river as our namesake. We want to explore our connection to the earth and rebuild the commons and closer ties to each other, the earth and this beautiful place that we live in. The Willamette River moves through our communities. Mary's Peak (Ch'Taminwis - place where the spirit dwells) is the source of our water from the coast to the river.

An intro to Indy media was given and the group is differently going forward. Next, we will let the Indymedia network know that we are going forward and request a listserve for our group. We have already formed workgroups that will focus on different aspects of the project: tech, web design, audio (including low-powered FM radio and establishing partnership with KBOO out of Portland), Video (and establishing linkages with cable access TV), Printed news, and outreach.

We are looking for a space to have a media center. Hoping to find something soon that is affordable. We are looking for equipment donations including video and audio equipment, software for editing, computers and people to skill share.

We will meet in a month and learn about how internal organization including communications can work. We will go over the Indymedia Principles of Unity, conducting meetings, consensus decision making, blocking and stacking (to name a few) We will discuss the concept of autonomous workgroups. We will also be coming up with strategies for reaching others that might want to get involved. We will have informal meetings to talk about the project at the downtown Beanery in Corvallis every Saturday at 10:30 AM. We decided we need to meet more often than once on month...so we can put more energy into getting this project going.

It's a go...!
Where is the "downtown Beanery" 03.Apr.2006 12:56

Flower Skunk

Sorry I wasn't at the first meeting; like alot of people I was out of town. Nice to hear it was a successful 1st meeting. I would like to go to your informal meeting on Saturday but I'm not sure where the 'downtown Beanery' is. I know of one Beanery on Monroe and 30th(?). Is this what you meant? I guess I don't considerate 'downtown' as its next to OSU.

downtown beanery is on 2nd st 03.Apr.2006 21:45

south end of downtown

downtown beanery is on 2nd st (2nd & A or 2nd & Washington??)
south end of downtown
across from the condo construction with the big crane