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Nazis Plan Olympia Rally Sunday April 2: Anti-fascist solidarity requested!!!

The neo-nazi group "national socialist movement" (NSM) is planning to come to Olympia this Sunday. They intend to have a rally at Sylvester Park. Their rally is billed as "NSM RALLY TO SUPPORT RACHEL CORRIE Goyim Unite". We cannot let their hateful message be promulgated from the gazebo without resistance. Let's fill the park and the streets of Olympia with the sound of our commitment to diversity and dignity. Make a statement that you will not let the neo-nazis co-opt the memory of Rachel Corrie for their agenda of intolerance, hate, and fascism.

Keep in mind that the nazis could change the time of their rally (originally 2 pm), the location, or even not show up on Sunday. This depends on us. We need to be out in strength to express our solidarity with and support for all people who the nazis preach hate and intolerance for, which is most of us.

"Unity in the Community and some other groups are planning to hold a "Not in our Town, Not in Rachel's Name" rally in Heritage Park at Noon on Sunday, April 2nd featuring speakers that support diversity and oppose hate groups.(Please note that "Day Light Savings Time" begins April 2, so remember to change your clocks forward one hour)

Rachel Corrie's parents have joined the call for this rally to re-affirm Rachel's opposition to anti-Semitism and everything else that Nazi's stand for. Many local folks are disgusted that the NSM would try to pervert Rachel's memory to support their racist, anti-Semitic agenda."
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