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Very Recent Message from Tre Arrow in Victoria, BC

Friday March 24th, 2006: Today marks day 12 and the half-way point of my hunger strike. I'm doing well, and staying strong. It's been difficult, but manageable. Please, no need for concern or worry ... no fear, only love! We can go a long time without food, but water and deep breathing are much more essential. I've been consuming these two vital forces which are keeping me well. My Dad fasted the first three days with me. A kind brother in Stumptown fasted the first day, and will be fasting on day 24 as well. My spirit sister in Winnipeg fasted on day one. A person I've yet to meet has been fasting with me...

As much as I don't like being locked up, I'm making the most of it... The FBI can use all their wealth and power to keep my body locked up, but they will never, ever, be able to cage my spirit, my heart and my words! My mission transcends these walls and reaches the hearts of the world. I take solace in the fact that no matter what may come and even long after my body leaves this plane my passion and mission will continue to reach the people on this precious Earth. May there come a day when all living beings (not just humyns) are honoured and respected, where competition is replaced with co-operation, where healthy food is a right, not a privilege; and wealth is measured not by how much one posessees, but by how much wisdom and love they share. I'm with you in spirit


Tre Arrow
Tre Arrow
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