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The Historic Immigration March in LA-We Didn't Cross the Border, the Border Crossed Us

Don't believe the hype. I was in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday when the historic march to protest the racist anti-immigration bill HR 4437 took place. For those who don't know, this bill would make illegal immigrants felons as well as anybody, including family members who help them in any sort of way. This means that if you have a cousin living in Mexico who comes over here and his paper work ain't right, even if you didn't know, you could face jail time. This means if you unknowingly hire somebody to haul away trash you could be in trouble. This is not about giving the government the power to build a wall at the border. This is much deeper then that..

As for the march, the mainstream news media claim there were 500 thousand people on who showed up. Keep in mind, this is after they tried to hate on the march and say only a few thousand were going to show up the night before. Trust me more than a million people showed up... The vibe in the air and the overall energy was infectious as you saw everyone from church goers to gang bangers all fighting to keep this oppressive bill from passing. There was an enormous amount of young people. Many came with their families. Its been a while since I been to a rally or march where I saw Grandmas, parents, young adults and little kids all in attendance. I talked to cats who were all tatted up carrying signs that said 'Stolen Land Defeat HR 4437' and college cats carrying signs that read 'Where was George Washington's Green card' [ Read More |

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Up to 2 million people took the streets in LA
Up to 2 million people took the streets in LA