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Schumacher Furs and a great day for a picnic, March 29

"I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." - Edward Hale
trapped lynx
trapped lynx
It was cold and wet on Wednesday March 29, but still a great day to stand with friendly and compassionate protesters. Nine people held signs and passed out literature for a couple of hours on Wednesday to educate the public about the cruelty of the fur trade. Protesters brought bagels and other snacks to share, and lots of supportive comments from passersby let us know that fur is dead in more ways than one.

A couple of reporters (Channel 8 and the Oregonian) came by to ask questions, as well as someone who heard about the protests on Lars Larson's show. After a long discussion, even he had to acknowledge that the protests must be successful if he was so inspired to come all the way downtown just to stand with us and discuss the issue. Even when people approach in an initially negative way, these protests encourage those who previously weren't thinking about fur at all to eventually think about the ethics of whether fur is o.k.

Also, on Tuesday March 28, several protesters held a quiet vigil in front of Schumacher with a candle and a picture of an animal killed for her fur. Due to this, Schumacher locked the store doors.

Holding a protest sign or picture up to the Schumachers is almost like holding a cross up to Dracula. Except when it inspires them to come out screaming threats and obscenities - that part even Dracula wouldn't do. Maybe the analogy falls apart, but it's hard not to think of mythic darkness when standing next to a shop containing the fur of thousands of tortured and needlessly killed animals. See  http://www.furisdead.com for info and videos about how animals are used and abused in the fur industry.

Feel free to give Schumacher some attention on any day of the week you can make it. You will make a difference. Animals deserve better than what they get in the fur trade, and we think that Portland is too compassionate to support a store like Schumacher Furs.
Picnic Scare Schumacher's again! 30.Mar.2006 01:43

boo hoo

I don't think the article mentioned that this picnic

Sale of dog or cat fur illegal in Oregon 30.Mar.2006 08:48

Dog Lover

167.390. Commerce in fur of domestic cats and dogs

(1) A person may not take, buy, sell, barter or otherwise exchange for commerce in fur purposes the raw fur or products that include the fur of a domestic cat or dog if the fur is obtained through a process that kills or maims the cat or dog. As used in this section, "domestic cat or dog" does not include coyote, fox, lynx, bobcat or any other wild or commercially raised wild feline or wild canine species or a hybrid thereof that is not recognized as an endangered species by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

(2) Violation of subsection (1) of this section, or any rule promulgated pursuant thereto, is a Class A misdemeanor when the offense is committed with a culpable mental state as defined in ORS 161.085.

If any fur reseller has garments with dog or cat fur in their store, they are breaking the law! I would suggest some discreet "shopping" of local fur shops to see if that is the case. There are reports that in Asia, specifically China, dogs are routinely skinned alive for their fur which is then processed and made into trim for coats that are shipped to the U.S. for resale. This must be stopped!

Thank You So Much 30.Mar.2006 08:52

Portland Citizen

I want you to know, and Schumacher's to know, and anyone else who cares to know, that you speak for me, too. I was not at this protest, but I am surely behind you completely. I read an article in the paper recently in which the Schumacher's are pretending that the city should be labeled "anti-business" if it is anti-fur. Ridiculous. Like most Portlanders, I believe that the fur trade is cruel and inhumane, and should be made illegal. This town does not owe fur traders a living because what they do is not consistent with a moral society. I also believe in the right of the people standing outside Schumacher's to speak, according to their first amendment rights, and would be very appalled if the city attempted to stifle that freedom. Please believe that there are many, many of us out here who might not be at the protest, but we support the protesters and believe in what they are standing for.

Schumacher Furs is starting up a website 30.Mar.2006 14:17


FYI Schumachers started up a website.


Request for Info. on Fur Trade 30.Mar.2006 17:22


Could anybody supply me (in a comment) on how I can obtain information on the fur trade between USA and Australia? So that some action can be taken in that country.

Karymsky, not exactly sure what you mean, but 30.Mar.2006 18:08


If anyone gives a hoot 31.Mar.2006 17:15


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fur contest winner is ripped off Schumacher does it again!! 03.Apr.2006 16:57


Through my sources I have learned that Schumacher ripped off the Fur winner by giveing them a Fur valued at less than $5,000. NOT $27,000!!!!!FYI Shumacher at it again!