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Schumacher's Protest Picnic!

On Wednesday, March 29th, at 12:00 there will be a picnic in front of the Schumachers Fur store to protest their killing of innocent animals. There will be food, and delightful company of others that despise the fur industry. [ read more ]

Schumacher Furs -- Portland City Council Meeting

According to both the Oregonian and Portland Tribune, Schumacher Fur's is intending to bring the fur protests to the Portland City Council, Wednesday, April 5, 2006, at 9:30AM. Should they indeed be on the agenda, I urge any/all who can come to PLEASE attend.

Citizen Participation: Council Members welcome public testimony. As each item pulled from the Consent Agenda and all those on the Regular Agenda are read, the Mayor will ask if anyone wishes to be heard. Normally, anyone wishing to speak is given three minutes and Council Members may then ask questions. [ read more ]

Randy Leonard position on fur protests

Randy Leonard is talking about effective means to stop the protests. In my opinion, neither a city commissioner, nor the police, should be involved in trying to stop legal protests! People have the right to protest and the only comment from the police or the city officials should be that it is legal and that it is their constitutional obligation to protect such rights. Such rights are the basis of freedom in society and far supercede any need to please a downtown business owner. [ read more ]

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