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Call to Action: Follow-up to Wyden sit-ins!

It seems natural that in the March 19th protest rally in Portland, which was one of the largest in the nation, was followed up by two acts of civil disobedience, also the largest in the nation. But let's not stop here! On every 20th of every month, we should continue to occupy Senator Wyden's office and use the downtime to make sure every month more and more people are involved in the action. [ read more ]

ACTION ALERT: call/fax Wyden daily

To keep the pressure on Senator Wyden to end the occupation of Iraq various groups are mobilizing a phone/fax/letter campaign to his Portland office. Below is included a letter that you can use as a template to fax/mail to his office, or as a script for phone calls. This is a decentralized campaign empowering individual citizens to contact their senator with a coordinated message. [ read more ]

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