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Nonviolence Criteria for Wyden Protest & Invitation To Meet

Civil Resist Portland had nonviolence criteria for Wyden protest. If you believe, come to our meeting.
Civil Resist Portland had a Pledge of Nonviolence to which individuals signed for the Ron Wyden action on March 20 for that act of resistance and its resulting events. We agreed:

To not bring weapons, illegal drugs or alcohol.

To bring positive regard for the humanity of all.

To not engage in physical violence.

To not engage in verbal violence (no threats of bodily harm, no screaming or swearing or attacks on anyone's character or identity).

To make every attempt to communicate nonviolently (with calm, with reason, with openness to each human being) or be silent.

To not run.

To stand or sit, or, if need be, to quietly and calmly walk away.

To not engage in property destruction.

To remain dignified and allow no one to take that from them.

To act with the agreed-upon tone and spirit of the act.

People signed the pledge to participate, and they took non violence training.

If interested and in agreement with nonviolence, we invite you to attend our next meeting, Sunday, April 2, 2 pm. For location, contact  civilresistportland@lists.riseup.net
hello friends 29.Mar.2006 01:05

been thinkin

there's no reason to kick a mule when its already moving in your direction. the mule that's sittin steadfast, refusin to budge is the one you want to nudge. y'all may talk that fancy talk but mr. gordon smith is the one you need to pavaler with. he's a mule for sure who put the pac into packin a load of corporate and special interest money. it's hard to move in the right direction when you've given your word to some folks who love watchin you sit in mr. wyden's office making a fuss cuz it's mr. smith who's calling the shots at the behest of some real tall dollars. ya'll sit where you want. mr. smith seems to have the more comfortable chairs. (lobbyists like that leather.)

"our" direction?? 29.Mar.2006 07:40


How do you figure that?
Wyden may have joined the tiny chorus back in 2003 and voted not to make war on Iraq (hope I got that right), but he's been consistently voting in favor of the funds to continue the bombing.
Wyden and Smith BOTH need to be the focus of this type of campaign. Perhaps the current group of willing non-violent CD'ers could split in two and sit (or whatever) in both offices?
Or maybe more people could join them and expand the focus to include local Portland companies that are profitting from the war?
Gotta be better than walking around Portland's near-empty downtown on a Sunday afternoon!!