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Schumacher Furs Protest Report ("The protesters just don't understand!"), March 25

Apparently, Greg Schumacher told someone this Saturday that protesters "just don't understand" - after all, he himself doesn't actually kill the animals. So, what's our problem with Schumacher Furs?

Hmm. While that Greg is certainly some logician, we'd probably have a problem with any business or person who orders and profits from the torture and killing of defenseless beings, whether they themselves are tightening the wire noose around the animal's neck, or skinning her alive. And those pathetic Schumacher commercials promoting cruelty as glamour, proclaiming, "Want more sex? Get more sexy!" with women in furs don't help the case.

Throughout the day, over 25 protesters stood in the cold and rain to leaflet, chant, hold signs and educate the public about the fur trade. Protesters drew pictures of some of the animals killed for the fur industry (foxes, minks, squirrels) in chalk on the sidewalk. One protester brought his guitar and enthusiastically sang anti-fur songs. We received many positive comments from passersby.

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chalk drawings
chalk drawings