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What goes up, must come down...

In a time of apathy, a thought has crossed ones mind......
Maybe the struggle is not to stop whats coming, but rather to survive the hit.
A nations history can tell its future....Not to say we should stop being, at our hearts, activists, revolutionists, but maybe we should also keep close.... a sense of realism that would suggest the true path of this country's change. It may be easier to re-start from a foundation of people who finally see truth rather than a foundation rooted in corruption, lies and false hopes. Activists call for an overhall of our nations policy, ideals and economic strategy.... but the people have to want it. They don't. At least... not yet. If this country is allowed to take the fall its doomed to take...the false hope of those who would choose to be silent...no longer exists. It is when there is nothing left to loose people take a stand...not in a middle ground America.
absolutely 27.Mar.2006 22:37

empire slayer

i think you are right on with this one. those of us who desire social change can never stop fighting, BUT it is healthy to realize that there are very powerful forces in motion. i have no desire to fight and risk myself for comfortable people who couldn't give a shit. there will be major corrections on this planet in the next 20 years, and it will be a very rude awakening for many in the u.s. and other priviledged nations. we can help lessen the suffering--of ourselves and others--but it is gonna be one hell of a ride, be sure of that.

if our own human institutions [governments, economy, etc...] don't unravel first, the damage we have done to this earth's ecosystem will certainly shake us to the core as it corrects itself. this week's time magazine cover sums it up nicely: "special report: global warming. be worried. be VERY worried."
 link to www.time.com

mr. george carlin really puts the gaia changes in perspective, so i attached his famous "the planet is fine, the people are fucked" monologue. enjoy.
george carlin -
george carlin - "the planet is fine, the people are fucked"

Yes 28.Mar.2006 06:57


Thanks for the sentiments. ((I'm sure there will be some
attacks about this being 'apathy', but realism is more accurate
as far as I'm concerned.))

Change is slow and starts with changing even your smallest habits.
This is what affects real change....and eventually the majority will get it,
it's just evolution///////

'Nature bats last', that's for sure....

and thanx for Carlin, classic!