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Call to Action Against National Neo-Nazi Rally in Lansing, Michigan

Call to Action Against National Neo-Nazi Rally in Lansing, Michigan on April 22nd, 2006
**************FORWARD WIDELY****************************

Call to Action Against National Neo-Nazi Rally in Lansing, Michigan:

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is planning to hold
their national rally
on April 22nd on the steps of the State Capital in Lansing, Michigan. The NSM,
who refer to themselves as "America's Nazi Party" have chosen to come
to Lansing following their visits to Toledo, Ohio in October and December of
this past year.

We, the Lansing Coalition Against Nazis (LCAN), feel that their message
should not go unopposed. We are planning a visible and vocal
counter-demonstration to combat their message of hate. We are inviting all
those who believe in freedom and equality to join us in sending the NSM a
strong message that fascists and racists are not welcome in Lansing!

Please join us in opposing the NSM rally in Lansing, Michigan on April
22nd. A strong, creatively confrontational presence against the Nazis is
the best way to show the neo-Nazis that their hate will not be tolerated in
Lansing, or anywhere else.

It is important that those present are disciplined and principled in
their actions. The counter demonstration is our time to express direct
opposition to the NSM while also providing relative safety to those
community members who are low risk. If you are coming to do your own thing
without thinking about how it will effect the people of Lansing then stay
home. If you are coming to stand in solidarity with the people of Lansing in
their visible and vocal opposition to the Nazis, then you are welcome and
encouraged to attend. We'll see you in the streets!

The Counter-Demonstration will begin around 12:30pm. The NSM Event is
scheduled from 2-4pm. Further details will be provided closer to April
22nd. There will be a strategy meeting the night before the rally in
Lansing for coordinating with people from out of town. To receive updates
on details for the 22nd or for more information email:  afdlansing@riseup.net.

Yours in struggle,
Lansing Coalition Against Nazis (LCAN)


Statement of Purpose:

Although some people say that ignoring the Nazis is the best way to oppose
them, we know from experience that ignoring a problem never makes it go
away. Some people say that the NSM is just a fringe group but their websites:
 http://www.nsm88.com  http://www.overthrow.com get over 9,000 hits a day.

If hate groups do not encounter opposition to their activities in a
community, they'll take that to mean no one is willing to stand against
them. Not directly opposing the Nazis isolates the people they target -
people of color, immigrants, religious or ethnic minorities, lesbians, gays,
bisexual and transgender people, the disabled, womyn, etc. - making these
communities feel like no one will support them. Because we recognize the
struggles of these targeted groups of people and do not wish to ignore them,
LCAN supports a visible and vocal counter-demonstration to the Nazi rally on
April 22.

Other opponents of counter demonstrating say the Nazis should be allowed to speak
because of the constitutional right to free speech. We say that giving racists and
other bigots "free speech" silences the voices of entire groups of people through
intimidation. We say that it is not just free speech because racist propaganda leads
to racist violence.

*************FORWARD WIDELY**********************