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government | imperialism & war m19 2006

ACTION ALERT: call/fax Wyden daily

To keep the pressure on Senator Wyden to end the occupation of Iraq various groups are mobilizing a phone/fax/letter campaign to his Portland office. Below is included a letter that you can use as a template to fax/mail to his office, or as a script for phone calls. This is a decentralized campaign empowering individual citizens to contact their senator with a coordinated message.
Please start faxing and calling today and every day. And pass this on to others to call. We need to keep the heat on and show Senator Wyden that the people of Oregon really do want the troops home now.

The numbers are as follows:

phone: 503-326-7525
fax: 503-557-1981

Senator Ron Wyden
1220 SW 3rd Avenue
Suite 585
Portland, OR 97204
phone: 503-326-7525
fax: 503-557-1981

Senator Wyden,

Please stop fiddling while Iraq burns. When you state that it is up to the President to fix the disaster we have created in Iraq, you are abandoning the people of Iraq, American soldiers, and the responsibility placed in you by your constituents.

It is not only up to the President to decide how and when the United States leaves Iraq. Congress funds the war, not the President. Moreover, when the President fails his country, it is up to the people, including you, to lead. You can do that now by introducing legislation to end the war with the following components:

1. No permanent bases in Iraq. Declare that the U.S has no interest in permanent military bases or controlling Iraqi oil or other resources.

2. Withdrawal in months, not years. Set goals and develop a detailed plan to remove American forces from Iraq.

3. U.N.-monitored peaceful reconstruction. Request that the United Nations monitor the process of military disengagement and de-escalation, and organize a peaceful reconstruction effort.

4. An independent peace process. Appoint a peace envoy independent of the occupation authorities to underscore U.S. commitment to a legitimate peace process.

5. Cooperative political settlement. Empower the peace envoy to facilitate talks that represent all Iraqis.

Iraqis are dying, Americans are dying, and our continued presence on their soil only fuels the hatred that fuels the insurgency. Our government said "we must stay the course" in Vietnam, right up until the bloody, unplanned, emergency withdrawal. Please don't guide us into making the same mistake again. Please be a leader for Oregon and a leader for the world. Please sponsor legislation to end the war in Iraq.

Good job 27.Mar.2006 21:37

Dan Newth promandan@hotmail.com

You have made a concise statement with understandable goals. I like the fact that you gave contact information and talking points.
Thank you for giving a good example.

Funding 27.Mar.2006 23:55

Lynn Porter

This is a good effort, but I would focus more simply on cutting off the funding. So far Wyden has refused to vote against funding for the war. If Congress votes against the next funding request Bush will be forced to withdraw the troops. No money, no war.