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Seattle rave massacre - who else was involved?

The alleged gunman committed suicide - but who else knew about his plans?
So we know from news reports that "Aaron Kyle Huff," a big ugly beast from Montana, was the gunman. What is not so clear is the responsibility of his twin brother - Kane Huff - who shared an apartment in Seattle with his killer twin. Police reports indicate that several rifles and shotguns were siezed from the residence, along with additional ammunition. Obviously, Kane Huff was not blind to his twin's murderous ambitions. The question is, how involved WAS he? And what is he planning next? This man may be extremely dangerous. I hope for the sake of other innocents in Seattle, his role in this crime will be exposed, and he will be jailed on 8 counts of conspiracy to committ murder, along with possible criminal civil rights violations. But until that day, watch out - watch out for Kane Huff.
is this a joke 27.Mar.2006 19:41

is anyone this stupid?

are you really sugesting the brother should be jailed because of his twins actions?

You need to look at the facts of the case 27.Mar.2006 19:54


Obviously someone should not be held responsible for the actions of their twin. If they had lived apart, this might not be an issue. It is a combination of them being twins and being roomates, and apparently keeping shared weaponry in the apartment. It seems impossible that his twin didn't have advance warning of such an extensively-planned event. In any case, until all the facts emerge, we don't know if a follow-up massacre is planned as part of the same vicious plot. I think a warning is not only in order, but required for the people of Seattle.

Run away!!! 27.Mar.2006 21:39

This just in:

Milkman sought as possible accomplice in shooting; alibi "suspicious".

BS 28.Mar.2006 00:02


wtf? just cause the guy owned guns, even automatic rifles, doesn't mean that his brother should have known he was going to blow people away or that his brother is at all responsible.

We need a wall to keep out Montana immigrants... 28.Mar.2006 09:17

Pravda or Consequences

If there ever was a reason to protect our borders and create a national ID system, this is it.

People in Montana need to stay there. If there is a problem, deal with it there. Don't come running to Oregon to escape your issues, especially if it is financial.

Oh, I know you're saying that I shouldn't keep out all folks from Montana because of the actions of a few, but a mass murderer is the same as a terrorist. There was no excuse for that devastating crime.

Given the reported attack on public art, I'd say that Aaron actually wanted this to happen for one final statement to the world. Too bad these cocksuckers kill innocents in the process as if they are removing evil, purifying the planet, or just don't have the where-with-all to answer for it.

Preventive detention? 28.Mar.2006 09:47

Toe Tag

Who are you? Alberto Gonzalez?

Hah! 28.Mar.2006 16:03


I've owned a rifle now for more than two years, and no one in my household has ever seen it, none of them know where I keep it, and I don't discuss my target shooting with them.

Of course, I plan nothing of the sort which happened in Seattle...

I've known lots of twins, even a set of twins who lived together as adults, who have private thoughts and spaces and do not know everything their housemate is up to. The twins I knew were actually quite different in personality and tastes, and they were often clueless about the whereabouts of the other (when I would stop by and ask for the absent one).

Since we can assume that this guy planned to do what he did, you ask a valid question when you want to know what the brother knew. But to assume that he did know, is simply mistaken. It is quite possible that he does NOT know what happened. It is possible the man kept his secret the same way most predators who kill for fun keep their secret prior to the act. Like you keep your sexual fantasies secret from your housemates / mom / boss, etc.

And I am sure that no matter what Seattle PD does to investigate this case, we will never really get the story on why he did this. (Unless they release a journal or notebook of his own thoughts in his own words... which is doubtful, since they would be all over the news if they had been found.)

I wonder what the "NOW" reference was... (that he spraypainted on the sidewalks on the way to kill...)

Manchuria is supposed to be pretty this year.

Miles and Miles to go before I sleep.

so what you are 28.Mar.2006 17:06


is that this is a Manchurain Misfire? A FarEastern Fuckup? A Chinese Cockup?

Holy life imitating art batman!

Theyre after MOBY man!

evil twin 28.Mar.2006 21:27


It'd suck to have your evil twins photo plastered all over the place. What if a survivor of the shooting bumps into him?

what if it was your brother? 29.Mar.2006 12:31


until i see or hear of any evidence that the brother was complicit, i feel really bad for him. his twin brother is dead. his twin brother murdered a bunch of people. it seems like his twin brother was suicidal and had some kind of psychotic episode. the family must be in tremendous grief and even shame. i hope people will not take this out on the brother or family, that would be very unfair.

seattle headline this fine wednesday... 29.Mar.2006 15:01

bus stop reader

the headline is about how he was invited to attend the party because he had a creepy attitude/ bad vibes.

Well, maybe daracula fans should be more careful who they invite. Some people have thin hold to reality without being surrounded by others who relieve the stress is odd ways and the presence of drugs.

Am I "blaming" the victims? NOt really. They did not ask for this turn of events. Just saying the world is as it is and anyone over 12 who thinks otherwise...has not been well brought up to cope.

Blame the parents who let daughters barely into their teen years stay out to rave? ER, yes, and more than a little bit. Where were the adults who should have been there, inconspicuously, to guard their children. Obviously the kids hadn't been trained to manage this crisis. Some were supposedly adults, being reported to be in their mid 20s. "age does not make us wise, merely old." Blame the cops in the town where he illegally discharged the very same weapons? HELL YES!!! And I am very much pro firearms. But like cars, guns should be verbotten for those who have shown they can't handle the responsibilities. Blow it, get the right revoked. How many drunk driving eppisodes, reckless discharges, indescent liberties with the cute 6 year old down the street are we supposed to tolerate?

Nanny state argument? Hell No!!!!! I want the state to do a few things, very few. Keeping maniacs out of circulation is high on the list. almost as high as keeping freaky religious fundamentalists curbed. And even that we can't do without fighting among ourselves about how much is too much, whether proactive is ever acceptable (guy tells me hes gonna harm me, that is my cue to stop him- not the moment he draws. Sadam had Drawn his gun for years. How could it be "proactive" to chill that?

How "proactive" should those cops have been? the lawyers, prosecutors and judge who went for a reduction of charges so he could keep his guns?

We get weak shits who won't pass out punishment and we get what? disdain for the law, cries for tougher and more intrusive laws to back up the ones we won't enforce...

Blame our own duplicitous selves for wanting it both ways.

And then find some tears for the collaterals. But please let me hear no more, as in these Seattle papers, page upon page of "how could this happen? I'm sick of seeing the same ? for decades on crime and drugs among youth. We are apes, we kill. Don't ask why, just deal with it.