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Schumacher Furs Protest Report ("The protesters just don't understand!"), March 25

Animals' lives are their right
We have just begun to fight
chalk drawings
chalk drawings
police cars protecting sign
police cars protecting sign
protesting in the rain
protesting in the rain
Apparently, Greg Schumacher told someone this Saturday that protesters "just don't understand" - after all, he himself doesn't actually kill the animals. So, what's our problem with Schumacher Furs?

Hmm. While that Greg is certainly some logician, we'd probably have a problem with any business or person who orders and profits from the torture and killing of defenseless beings, whether they themselves are tightening the wire noose around the animal's neck, or skinning her alive. And those pathetic Schumacher commercials promoting cruelty as glamour, proclaiming, "Want more sex? Get more sexy!" with women in furs don't help the case.

Throughout the day, over 25 protesters stood in the cold and rain to leaflet, chant, hold signs and educate the public about the fur trade. Protesters drew pictures of some of the animals killed for the fur industry (foxes, minks, squirrels) in chalk on the sidewalk. One protester brought his guitar and enthusiastically sang anti-fur songs. We received many positive comments from passersby.

As usual, Schumacher called the police numerous times throughout the protest; it was an easier time for all when sergeant Lee was at the protest the entire time to personally witness that protesters weren't doing anything illegal, despite Schumacher complaints (rather than having them come out constantly at Schumacher behest, obviously irritated by the whole situation). Perhaps Schumacher calls the officers just so they'll go in the store - after all, they're not getting many customers (even the fake ones designed to incite confrontations), even with those 60% off sale signs in the windows. Yet there were six Schumacher employees/owners the entire day - with nothing to do but call the police and try to figure out how to bypass the First Amendment.

There seems to be some confusion on the part of Schumacher as to what holiday season it really is. As most retailers prepare for Easter, Schumacher seems to be having a Halloween theme going on in the display windows. The cheery fake flowers are out, and now a dark, somber (and of course deathly) mood dominates the display. A black mink Mexican sombrero with rhinestone trim, sort of a Zorro meets the fur hag look, hangs next to a tacky black fur hood suitable for your executioner costume. If they're in the gaudy costume mood, we think Greg and Linda Schumacher should go as something completely novel - in costumes so different that no one would ever guess who they were. Why not dress up as compassionate people? As people who care about something other than getting rich off of the pain and suffering of innocent beings unable to defend themselves.

Animals used for the fur trade are objects in the eyes of the law. Not one law is enforced to protect the animals from abuse. Anyone can call himself a fur farmer, meaning he can raise and kill these animals in virtually any manner he chooses. Untrained farmers or their hired help perform anal electrocutions which cause massive heart attacks to still conscious animals; lethal gassing (the animals sometimes awaken, especially minks who are good swimmers and can hold their breath, and are then skinned alive); and lethal injections. However, unlike companion animals who are euthanized by vets with injections of sodium pentobarbital, animals used for fur are often injected with mixtures of chemicals including pesticides and rubbing alcohol. Sodium pentobarbital is both expensive and a legally controlled substance, thus requiring professional licensure to use. The people who run the fur industry have determined that animals' lives just aren't worth the cost. The cheapest methods of death such as strangulation, starvation, and beating to death are often used to keep the costs down. With profit as the motive, quality of life and death for the animals does not exist. Stores such as Schumacher turn a blind eye to where their fur actually comes from, and focus on glamorizing the end result. So, we don't care whether you skin them yourself or have someone do it for you, taking part in this industry is still deeply unethical. See  http://www.furisdead.com for info and videos about how animals are used in the fur trade.

Come join us at Schumacher Furs (811 SW Morrison) every Saturday starting at 12:30ish and ending around 5:00 as we fight against an industry that makes a profit from the pain and suffering of innocent animals. We'll have signs, leaflets, a few costumes, chalk, vegan treats.

We think Schumacher Furs, which has shown no mercy to the thousands of animals whose fur is hanging on its racks, is begging for some attention on other days of the week too. Why not use your freedom to speak up for the voiceless?

sara 27.Mar.2006 16:38


You folks are fantastic! I work on the weekend, but I look forward to reading these accounts. I think fur is reprehensible. It is completely needless. We have great alternatives for stylish clothing.

Please keep it up. You are doing a good thing! Thanks

protest 27.Mar.2006 16:57


Do we need to bring our own signs or are they supplied?

there are 27.Mar.2006 17:08


plenty of signs there. You don't need to bring your own. Hope to see you there.

etc 27.Mar.2006 17:34


We'll definantly be there the next time I can make it to town on Sat. I have a young nursing baby that I'd have to bring to stay more than an hour. Do the police ever get out of hand?

Me - re. your question, look on past protest 27.Mar.2006 17:47


reports to see things that have happened at other protests. Mostly there are no problems. We are peaceful, yet energetic protesters. You should feel comfortable there. You can pass out fliers across the street; hold a sign; whatever you feel comfortable with.

Just so you know... 27.Mar.2006 19:44


Just so you know, the Shriner Circus protest is at the same time as this coming Schumacher protest (Saturday at 1 pm and 6 pm and Sunday at 1 pm).

I also wanted to show you guys the myspace webpage I made raising awareness for the anti-Schumachers demonstration:


Sky 27.Mar.2006 20:30


Thank you for all you do!!

Music 27.Mar.2006 21:38

Martha and the Vandellas

More music would liven up the demos. The guitar playing was entertaining and made us all laugh.

"All we need is music, sweet music
There'll be music everywhere
There'll be dancin'
They're dancin' in the street"

Art and music 27.Mar.2006 22:01


Sidewalk art and music all for the animals-
Instead of Last Thursday it will be Every Saturday At Schumachers.

Sidewalk art 28.Mar.2006 01:08

The spirit of Woodsy Squirrel

I thought the sidewalk chalk art was brilliant! That had never occured to me before. Did the police hassle you about it? Can you please post more photos of the sidewalk chalkart? Especially the squirrel?


fur flies 28.Mar.2006 08:53


Pick up today's Tribune.....front page "Fur flies at weekly protests"...a good article. Seems Schumacher has been asked to leave town!

Article also in the Oregonian... 28.Mar.2006 09:33


Not to unnecessarily promote the corporate media, but there also is an article in today's Oregonian about the controversy.

The reporter quoted Gregg Schumacher, but Central Precinct Commander Dave Benson rebutted him by saying that the behavior of the protesters may be rude, but isn't illegal.

City Council member Randy Leonard even suggested that the Schumachers move out of downtown.

 link to www.oregonlive.com

chalk/pastel 28.Mar.2006 11:41

little dove

thanks to the artists and photographer who sent these on

Fur hags 28.Mar.2006 13:05


Its nice to see the photos in the Portland Tribune of both the fur hags in the two photos: the one next to Gregg and the one with the cigarette holder.

Chinese Furs 28.Mar.2006 15:01

Dog Lover

Does any store in Portland sell fur that is imported from China?

If so, is any of it dog fur?

I have complete revulsion to raising dogs for fur.

As far as I have read... 28.Mar.2006 15:37

Working Class Mama

I can't confirm this, but I remember reading here that Schumachers admitted to purchasing fur from China.

fur from dogs 28.Mar.2006 16:25


At one of the first protests a couple of demonstrators talked to a Schumacher employee at the end of the demo. The employee said Schumacher gets fur from China when they asked him. This employee appears to no longer be employed at Schumachers.

If Lars ran the world 28.Mar.2006 16:53


After listening to Lars Larson today and his support of business in downtown Portland no matter what the business is as long as the store owners are making a living. . . would we still have slavery in this country? How about a child porn store downtown if we coud legalize that for Lars.

Wondering 28.Mar.2006 17:25


Or what about an al-Qaeda info center and meeting hall? What about the illegal immigrants job advisor's office or "The Green Card Store." Sorry Lars but that was a bit too broad. Maybe you should think before you speak next time...

i wish i weren't on the east coast 29.Mar.2006 08:43

kev kevincantsleep@hotmail.com

man i would love to be there and protest the exploitation and murder of animals for their fur.

on the east coast doing what i can here...

love you girls and guys...

Portland Tribune 29.Mar.2006 10:36


(Out of the Tribune 28.03.2006)
"The Schumacher family has sold fur in Portland for 111 years We've never closed our store, not even during the Depresstion." Gregg Schumacher said.
After receiving Dave Benson's reply, Randy Leonard e-mailed Linda Schumacher back to say he belives she and Gregg are partly to blame for the situation.
According to Dave Benson's e-mail to Randy Leonard, The Shumachers have disregarded police advise to temporarily close their store on Saturday and have instead argued with the protesters and mocked them with signs posted in their store windows.
"Neigther the police bureau nor my office can assist you if you are not willing to accept our advise on a strategy that helps us help you cause the protesters to lose intrest in !TARGETING! your business" Leonard wrote
The Schumachers denied doing anything wrong. (For one we dont "TARGET" anyone, We blame the cruelity on Fur industrys and Schumachers is within one of those industrys that we protest every Saturday. And yes that are mainly to blame with thier actions that instagate us.)

"Have I sworn at them? After they've stood outside the store and sworn at me at the top of their lungs. But we're not breaking any laws... They are," Linda Schumacher said
(A video shows Linda Schumachers going up to a young protester and calling her a "Bitch" She has'nt sworn at us? I think she started that one.)
Schumachers have reserved time to present their case to the City Council at (:30 am Wednesday, April 5. They are urging neighboring business owners and managers to join them, saying the protest are hurting all the surrounding businesses. (As far as I know we mainly stick in front of Schumachers and the occasional Nordstorms for selling fur. How do we hurt businesses? If we do thats good Capitalism has sawt out to kill us all someday anyways. Plus most places are closed on a Saturday.)

"If the police enforced the law at the beginning , things would have not gotten out of hand." Linda Schumacher said.
(In the beginning? Oh you must mean when a group of kids wearing all black "High jacked" the protest showed up? We all are within the samn struggle darling Human Freedom and Animal Rights are things to fight for and I happen to fight for all struggles. Workers struggles, Animal struggles, Immigration struggles, etc...)
The Schumachers said that protesters have screamed obscenities at them, entered the store and harassed customers coming and going to their shop, but police have arrested only threee protesters on relatively minor charges in the past five months -- two for crimal trespass and crimal mischief, and one for harassment of a police officer. (Is screaming at someone that they are coconduning to murder to animal slaughtering illegal? And maybe they should write the real charges and the real story. 15,000 dollar bail on one and 9,000 on another? Those couldnt have been minor charges.)
"My own personal contact with the protesters and the contact had by my sergeants is that they are generally very nice people that have very strong views about selling fur." Benson wrote.
In his e-mail, Benson said that Schumachers should close the store for a series of Saturdays, place dark shades over the outer entry doors and remove all referances to fur from the display windows."
The Schumachers rejected such steps as potentially hurting their sales. (Hurting your sales? How many coats do you sell on a Saturday?.)
Benson also suggested going to court and obtaining a restraining order against tthe protesters. but refused to do so because of the 100,000 dollars in attorneys' fees. "We dont have that kind of money." Linda said (Your the Booshwa soaking in the capital state of retail and fur industry! You dont have money? You should come protest with me then.)

Fuck the corporate media.
We threaten them?
We threaten them? "All Protesters should be Beaten, Strangled, Skinned Alive,"