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Mike-D. Circus Protest Trial in Progress, Judge Amiton Presides, welcomes public to attend

After hours of court shuffling, Judge Amiton's 5th Floor CourtRoom opens up to hear State v. McMullin, a case about circus protesting, rose quarter security, and arrests.
The Trial began at about 11:00 a.m., the judge stated he only had time for a trial ending today, with maybe an hour to finish up tomarrow, if need be. The Motions were made and most of them denied, in one form or another, with a partial granting here and there. The Jury Pool arrives, a high percentage of them being students, on spring break, most of the jurors had been to a circus, a few had been to some type of protest and/or had family involved with protesting. After Jury questioning and selection, the trial began first with state witness Julie Van Hee, a supervisor of security, for Coast-to-Coast Event Security contracted by the Rose Garden staff. After her testimony, direct and cross examination, with a quick re-direct. Judge Amiton sent everyone to lunch about 1:00p.m. telling all to be back at 2:00p.m. for the rest of the trial.

One of the motions made to the judge was about the changing venue, or how the defendant had been shuffled from court room to court room waiting to find out if he was going to trial today or not, mentioned was that the public would not have proper notice on which court room the case was going to be tried in, the State did mention that at least one person was having trouble finding out which court room the case was going to be heard in. The judge replied that his court room is a public place and all are welcome including the media, school tours, and anyone wanting to attend.
Jury Still out on this case, gathering tomarrow at 9:30a.m. 27.Mar.2006 18:22


The State presented their case, called 5 witnesses and rested, the defense presented it's case called one witness, and rested. Judge Amiton gave jury instructions and the jury went to deliberate. After about half-an-hour, the jury was told to return tomarrow morning and then sent home.



why was there no advance notice of this trial before this posting? damnit i would have attended. was there any supporters present for mike d? this type of information needs to be published ahead of time to give those who want to go a chance.

open trial? 28.Mar.2006 05:57

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

can you say kang- ga-roo ?

Is it going on today? Which Court 28.Mar.2006 07:48


How about more info?

Taxpayer dollars hard at work 01.Apr.2006 20:28


Mike, it was good to see you downtown today. I am glad that the sentencing wasn't worse, but it sure is hard to believe how much money was wasted by taking you to trial. Thanks for your efforts for the animals!