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Letter from a detained anarchist in Barcelona

Letter recieved from Ignasi, arrested anarchist of 9th February, Barcelona. Ignasi was arrested in an "anti-terror" operation by the Catalan State investigating a number of direct actions against banks and prison institutions in the city.
Greetings to all those who love me and to everyone that feel and practice solidarity.
After a month and a half kidnapped, i think it's time to explain to all of you in a public manner how i see everything, although i have to say that there are days in which i see things in a more optimistic matter.
It seems like we are being one of the first experiments of the mossos
d'esquadra and of their fight against what they call "anti-system
movements, and it looks like they have their lessons well learned, since, without having any real evidence, they have managed to keep us in prison inventing and falisfying evidences.

Seems like the message is clear "we just arrived but we already have you under control anytime we want, we will fuck you" This we already knew but what i didn't imagine is that they did it in such a ........ way, presenting evidences even they don't believe.
Anyway, i've checked in my own flesh how they have all the power and they use it however it's best for them and that's all. And it's clear that in our case they haven't locked us because they believe we've set on fire a couple of cash points (which they might believe or not), but if we're here is because we're two visible persons of the anarchist movement, we were very controlled by the repressive forces since years ago, and, so to say, to be an introduction and an example of what the mossos and the catalan government can and want to do with all of us.
But it seems their move is becoming expensive for them, since a strong
solidarity and response to repression movement has grown, with lots of
actions and mobilizations everywhere, something that has been a nice
surprise for me and that gives me lots of strength to keep going on in
here. And i consider very important to see that as well as the repressive attack we suffered directly the persons who're now in prison wasn't only targeted at us but to the whole movement, the answer of solidarity must also be with all the people that fight against state, against this justice system and against all prisons!
About prison daily life, and from my point of view, i think i'm the only preventive prisoner in second grade module. It is a clear representation of the society outside the walls, only much more controlled by sirens, countings, searchings, prison guards, teachers, psychologists, rules, time control, humiliations, hierarchies, etc..and and individualized control of the behavior of everyone.

The locked-up society has already assumed, internalized and somehow
accepted the violence that represents this institution. It surely isn't as evident in preventive prisoners modules, but here, the level of indoctrination and taming is much more advanced; prisoners have assumed the rule in such a way that every work necessary for the functioning of the prison, and even some repressive works, are done by immates, and the jailers just keep pushing buttons, and locking and unlocking doors and be there to punish when someone forgets some limit and goes further. And once all the behavior rules are internalized, you have also to submit to the sinister and machiavellan "penitentiary treatment" in which the most ruin values of human nature, such as betray, selfishness, insolidarity, submission, not have opinions, not demanding what's fair, see the work as a value in itself and not as a way of exchange, thinking exploitation doesn't exist... And all that accompanied with the unavoidable help of medicines for altering personality and helping idiotize immates.

¿What kind of society our civic and democratic governors want? For me, the hardest thing in prison's life is just be able to resist all that kind of indoctrination, not get used to violence and not see this as a normal situation. Of course i also miss a lot being with my people, since here i become aware of how much i love them all and how much i need them.

But i also have clear that i will resist with my head high whatever it
takes, that repression teaches us much more than it takes away from us. And overall, that it makes us feel the hate and rage in our flesh. Don't they forget that, and don't they believe they will weep us out so easily.

Until we're all free. Death to the state "y viva la anarquia"
And a big hug to Ruben.
Friends & Comrades of Ignasi & Ruben
Homepage:  http://www.presosalacalle.tk