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Fur Protestors Having Impact on Schumacher's Furs

Lars Larson notices fur protestors are having an impact
Fur Protestors Having Impact on Shumackers

Today Lars Larson has been talking about the fur protest that has been taking place every Saturday at Schumacher's. Even Greg Schumacher reared his ugly head on Larson's show to whine about how the protestors are "hurting his business". Among his many fantastic comments he said "his customers and employees are scared". Just a question: I wonder if the customers and employees of Schumachers know how much fear the animals they brutalize feel?

One comment of note by Larson was his suggestion to a commander from the Portland Police Bureau that the police "use pepper spray" to discourage the protestors from showing up. Unfortunately the commander from the Portand Police found this funny and let out a laugh.

Regardless of Larson's comments, the lies of Greg Shumaker and the PPB Commander's "sense of humor" the Fur Protestors that turn-out every Saturday at Schumachers are having an impact.

Keep it up folks, you are definitely being noticed, something Lars Larson can't even deny.

More later.....
[ 27.Mar.2006 16:44


Scared? What are they scared of? Nobody has been hurt or assaulted. The only thing they face is a verbal reprimand for potentially buying fur. This is legal constitutional activity which is closely monitored. Those customers are very safe.

Interesting... 27.Mar.2006 20:02


I like how Greg tells the liberal press that his business is booming, but whines to the conservatives that we're ruining his poor business. He needs to pick a story and stick to it.<P><P><a href=" http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src=" http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src=" link to img.photobucket.com border="0" alt="Image hosting by Photobucket"></a>

Scared? 27.Mar.2006 23:28


The only thing the Schumachers are scared of is losing money as people learn the truth behind the fur industry and no longer want to buy it.

WHAT!?!? 28.Mar.2006 00:15


The pepper spray is to scare the protesters? I've come there not on a Saturday and Nick has talked to me about how our message is scaring the "Norms" of society. Well the "Norms" saw the brutal arrests on Mar 4th . What message are they trying to send? Is it the "All Protesters should be Beaten, Strangled, Skinned Alive, Anally Electrocuted" ? Or are they trying to cover up thier sick business. I've been there a few days out of the week holding signs saying "You may pepper spray me but not blind me from cruelity". I will still protest every Saturday of every week untill your capitalist business falls. I hope we are ruining your business. Your money can't fight raw emotion for every coat you sell another 50,000 animals are dead and no one stands for them. I and many others will still stand. You threaten us with spray that your private security unlawfully uses and we strike our words to the public ten times louder and with much more love.