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actions & protests m19 2006

Call to Action: Follow-up to Wyden sit-ins!

It seems natural that in the March 19th protest rally in Portland, which was one of the largest in the nation, was followed up by two acts of civil disobedience, also the largest in the nation. But let's not stop here! On every 20th of every month, we should continue to occupy Senator Wyden's office and use the downtime to make sure every month more and more people are involved in the action.
Let me first applaud the 19 Oregonians who courageously occupied Senator Wyden's office on March 20th. This nonviolent civil disobedience and actions like this reveal the general radicalization of the anti-war movement, and should be continued if any real progress is ever going to occur. It seems natural that in the March 19th protest rally in Portland, which was one of the largest in the nation, was followed up by two acts of civil disobedience, also the largest in the nation (from what I've heard).

I've also read nothing but continual support and a call for further action on Portland IndyMedia. However, I have not heard anything about further actions being planned. If I am just missing something, someone please let me know.

So here is my proposal: on every 20th of every month, we continue to occupy Senator Wyden's office, and we use the downtime to make sure every month more and more people are involved in the action. Seems simple enough. Can we get in touch with the organization that made this first occupation happen and start planning more?
I'm ready 27.Mar.2006 13:17

Laura chandlerlaura@hotmail.com

I support the protests and my daughter and I have missed only 2 since the start of the war. I'm ready for some direct action. I am willing to do this, and would love to be contacted. Organizers! a posting please?

Civil Resist Portland 27.Mar.2006 14:45

George Bender

Found through Google:





Apparently they don't have a website of their own.

Contact 27.Mar.2006 16:46


Contact  civilresistportland@lists.riseup.net We are beginning a phone/fax campaign.

why wait for someone else to do it? 27.Mar.2006 16:47

pinkokatie pinkkatie@riseup.net

Everyone should definitely be following up on Wyden.

The group that went in last Monday is working on follow-up plans, as well as dealing with the legal issues that resulted.

The people of Oregon and/or the peace movement, does not need to wait for one group in order to do direct action. In fact, it would be much more effective if many different groups and individuals were following up with the same and related actions. So, go for it. Put together a group for April 20th. Or any other day. Post emails/phone numbers here, or set up a meeting, and make it happen.

And while you're at it, everyone should still be calling and faxing Wyden's office asking what he intends to do to stop the killing.
Here are details:

To keep the pressure on Senator Wyden to end the occupation of Iraq various groups are mobilizing a phone/fax/letter campaign to his Portland office. Below is included a letter that you can use as a template to fax/mail to his office, or as a script for phone calls. This is a decentralized campaign empowering individual citizens to contact their senator with a coordinated message.

Please start faxing and calling today and every day. Especially on Mondays, the day the original sit-in took place. And pass this on to others to call. We need to keep the heat on and show Senator Wyden that the people of Oregon really do want the troops home now.

The numbers are as follows:

phone: 503-326-7525
fax: 503-557-1981

Senator Ron Wyden
1220 SW 3rd Avenue
Suite 585
Portland, OR 97204
phone: 503-326-7525
fax: 503-557-1981

Senator Wyden,

Please stop fiddling while Iraq burns. When you state that it is up to the President to fix the disaster we have created in Iraq, you are abandoning the people of Iraq, American soldiers, and the responsibility placed in you by your constituents.

It is not only up to the President to decide how and when the United States leaves Iraq. Congress funds the war, not the President. Moreover, when the President fails his country, it is up to the people, including you, to lead. You can do that now by introducing legislation to end the war with the following components:

1. No permanent bases in Iraq. Declare that the U.S has no interest in permanent military bases or controlling Iraqi oil or other resources.

2. Withdrawal in months, not years. Set goals and develop a detailed plan to remove American forces from Iraq.

3. U.N.-monitored peaceful reconstruction. Request that the United Nations monitor the process of military disengagement and de-escalation, and organize a peaceful reconstruction effort.

4. An independent peace process. Appoint a peace envoy independent of the occupation authorities to underscore U.S. commitment to a legitimate peace process.

5. Cooperative political settlement. Empower the peace envoy to facilitate talks that represent all Iraqis.

Iraqis are dying, Americans are dying, and our continued presence on their soil only fuels the hatred that fuels the insurgency. Our government said "we must stay the course" in Vietnam, right up until the bloody, unplanned, emergency withdrawal. Please don't guide us into making the same mistake again. Please be a leader for Oregon and a leader for the world. Please sponsor legislation to end the war in Iraq.


[ 27.Mar.2006 16:50


I think a recruiting office is a better target than Wyden. Otherwise, great idea!

follow up 27.Mar.2006 17:12

Tom H Hastings

I've tried to post on this a couple of times and I'll try again.

The 19 arrests at Wyden's office are the beginning of a campaign. If you are interested, please give a call: 503 327 8250

or email me:  pcwtom@gmail.com

or subscribe to our list at riseup

or ask me to subscribe you

We've been meeting almost every week since December and we intend to address all federal elected officials in Oregon and possibly some in Washington. There are many many roles to play in this campaign and we ask only that you bring a spirit of nonviolence. Some will get arrested. Some will do media work. Some will do outreach and recruiting. Some will negotiate directly with elected officials and their staff. Some will do legal support. Some will raise funds. Some will do one task one week and switch to another. There is no hierarchy and it is all necessary. No one is paid and in fact everyone sacrifices.

We will be much stronger if we act from a sense of common purpose and with a common consensed-upon nonviolent discipline. We act from no ideology except peace and justice--no Democrats or Greens or socialists or anarchists will rule the group, and we accept all of them. We would even consider confessed Republicans...

We are professors and nurses, nuns and social workers, students and priests, young and old. We invite your nonviolent strength. They have the money and we have the people. They have that power and we have ours. We will see who wins.

As of now, our intent is to work with Wyden and flat out resist Smith. We will approach all with respect and a willingness to dialog, but we have hope that we can bring Wyden into a leadership role. Others have said they have no hope for him. Perhaps they are correct; I disagree, at least for the moment. I was a part of a group that occupied Wyden's office in October 2002 when he was refusing to say how he would vote on giving Bush warmaking powers. We said we'd stay. His chief of staff eventually came in and told us, "The Senator is going to vote the way you want." We congratulated him, thanked him, and left.

We're back.

We need some leadership and it has to come from federal elected officials, even if we have to pull them along. We will call them leaders when they start acting like leaders. We elected them to do the job and now we are requiring them to do what we hired them to do.

The war is immoral. The war is illegal. We cannot support the unsupportable and we will use any nonviolent means at our command. We cannot do it without you.

blessed be,

Gordon Smith 29.Mar.2006 13:41

Rat Soup

Why are there also no similar actions taking place at the offices of Repug Gordon Smith? Just curious. He is obviously a major hawk compared to Wyden. Please excuse me if I am lacking in some finer details here?

Wyden may not exactly be exemplar in who he is and what he has done,etc, but he is certainly not AS BAD as some sinister and "moderate" Repug sleaze like Smith. I would much rather direct my energies on Smith,but of course would still support keeping the heat turned up on Wyden, as well.

Also,do not forget that in recent years past,BOTH Bush AND Cheney showed up in Portland to stump for Smith.

Smith's Portland Office:

One World Trade Center
121 SW Salmon Street, Suite 1250
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: 503.326.3386

sdf 29.Mar.2006 15:29


this story doesn't actually tell me what happened! i gather that 19 people went to Ron Wyden's office... why? when? what did they do? etc... this article doesn't really say what happened.

next time try writing an article on the action, then write another article about what is coming up next!