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AUDIO From NLG Forum

This is an audio recording from the event held last week sponsored by the National Lawers Guild, the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center, and the First Unitarian Church of Portland.
legal forum
legal forum
last week...

some local lawyers got together at the unitarian church and talked about linguistics, fascism, wiretapping, legal stuff that applies to you and me in our modern fucked up age.

you gonna be grand jury subpenaed?

your phone being listened in on?

what then...

these guys spoke in somewhat vague terms, but it is relevant and we all should care about what they are talking about.

listen now.

and don't miss the next two in the series.

April 5:"ecoterrorism?" Looking at crimes against the environment v. crimes for the environment.

April 19: "The Chilling Effect" How the "domestic terrorist" label limits free speech and dissent.