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The power of unified intent

I want to pass along an article that impressed me deeply enough to inspire me to do something with it. We effect the world more than we know with our thoughts and dreams. Let's dream a better dream.
These ladies get together every Sunday at 6pm PST for "boosting" sessions -- "boosting" generally means raising the vibration of whatever the target is, through prayer, meditation, mantras, etc. I've seen visual proof that this works, but I guess you either believe in miracles or you don't. I do.


I wanted to post this article, not only because it's Sunday, but a group of "on-line" psychics have predicted manipulation of the gold market for last Friday (and indeed the price of gold went up 9 dollars) and that Monday would be significant for a planned invasion of Iran.


There are many other people who do this kind of work, I saw a post a few days ago that called for a "prayerful minute" at 8 pm PST directed at sending peaceful solutions to the world's leaders.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/03/335854.shtml

I do know uniting our thoughts magnefies the power of the intent.

It costs you nothing. Let's dream up a better world.