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9.11 investigation | technology

Tarpley to appear in SEATTLE

This weekend represents a major breakthrough in the ongoing 9/11 investigation. THIS is critical info for hardened researchers and true patriots...
Within seconds after I watched the first plane hit I knew that the buildings would come down that day.

As a result, I have continuously provided insight into those events which most clearly indicate the US Government's involvement in BOTH of the subsequent attacks on the World Trade Center. In order for people to understand the actual nature of the planning behind 9/11, (and the tyranny that has now led us to the very brink of WWIII,) you definately need to know MY story.

As Webster Tarpley has reported on GNC live; http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Tarpley06.html Charlie's Sheen's public comments have brought us to recognize this as a truly momentous turn of events. Webster is speaking in Seattle this weekend and I sincerely hope that each of you will follow-through with this research, voicing solidarity for Justice by demanding an immediate criminal trial!

In brief, I was only associated with the WTC architects for a very short period of time before the FBI raided the architect's offices to seal the files on their ongoing research as to the safety of the towers. Thousands of articles appeared in the NYC local press and particularly in the trade journals at that time. This was the world's "most famous" and "most photographed" landmark of all time. Over five thousand photos were in those files alone, and I had the unique opportunity to review them prior to the takeover on May 9th, 1989 when they disappeared from view forever.

Unknown to the general public, this event preceded the demise of what was thought of as the World's #1 architectural firm. In addition, over 125 mechanical engineers had been employed on-site to monitor the building's safety and construction revisions. The firm; Skilling and Associates, P.C., was officially in charge of these responsibilities. Their duties were explicitly outlined from the outset as required for construction to begin.

Little known, and what is most critical now, is what happened to THOSE employees? Can they not provide some explination as to these events?

Today, I am begging you to badger them, ask everyone close to this firm based in Seattle;- What happened to the original sets of plans? Why were the buildings rendered "unsafe" by 1987? What sort of "research" projects have they (SKILLING) subsequently done for Boeing?

Either way, every young architect must recognize that future building prototypes (ie: Freedon Tower) must be safer than the Twin Towers were! Those of you in search of an interesting topic for your Master's thesis might consider this one perfectly ripe for the picking.

Good luck!

-T.S. Gordon

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