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green scare

Green Scare

FBI Green Scare

Updated 2/20/2013

Other sites with current info on victims of
increased FBI harassment & Grand Jury investigations:

Rebeccah Rubin taken into custody at Canadian border 2012

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* Walter Bond
* Steve Murphy
* Daniel McGowan
* Marie Mason

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* Animal rights prisoner support

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District of Oregon Sentencing Hearings Report-Backs:

(Non-cooperating Defendants)

(Cooperating Defendants)
Publicity Resources/Press Releases:


Green Scare Background:
Since December 7th 2005, several activists have been arrested across the US in a series of coordinated raids by federal marshals. Several have also served with subpoenas to appear before Grand Juries in Eugene and Denver. Two of these served were later arrested in Medford, Oregon, and released on bail. One of these released has been giving up information about two more environmentalists who were arrested in Olympia, charged with involvement in an arson, and who have both been denied bail as a direct result of this person informing, bringing the total arrests to ten of the thirteen named in the indictment. A fourteenth person was indicted and arrested in Seattle in March, and has been released pending trial.

According to the Dept of Justice at their January 20th press conference, these arrests & subpoenas are part of a nation-wide effort to target activists in the US under new domestic terrorism legislation, although in reality, the word "terrorism" is not mentioned once in the 83-page indictment.

Many of those who were arrested have cooperated with authorities to lessen their prison terms. One activist has died in jail. All of the remaining non-cooperating activists have pled guilty, and all except the activist turned informant, Jacob Ferguson, are now facing long sentences with possible terrorism enhancements added on. The charges are in relation to a string of actions which took place between 1997 and 2001, actions that were claimed by the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. [Initial Report | Jeff Luers' March 2006 Dispatch]

Police Informants gave information about some of the people taken into custody during this sweep, most notably, Jake the Snake. Ferguson's informing work to the FBI has been made publicly available, in the form of the actual arrest and search warrant request submitted December 7th, 2005.

Dec 22, 2005 one of the originally indicted activists was found dead in his cell. The authorities claim it was a suicide. Bill Rodgers, 40, was a long-time community activist from Arizona where he ran the 'Catalyst Infoshop' bookstore out of his home. For more information or to see how you can support Bill's life work see: www.supportbill.org. [FSRN Audio Interview about Bill with his friend and supporter]

Details & updates on those targetted in the Dec 7th FBI Sweep


SHAC 7 Convicted!:

On March 2, the Bush administration dealt yet another blow to the First Amendment, as the SHAC 7 were found guilty of multiple federal felonies for advocating the closure of the notorious animal-testing lab Huntington Life Sciences by running a website educating people about animal abuses, publishing a newsletter, speaking at events, and publicizing protests. Now, six activists face years in federal prison. All six are currently under house arrest while awaiting sentencing in September; The SHAC7 Support Committee and attorneys are planning to appeal.
[Josh Harper interview on Vegan Freak Radio | Josh Harper online video: "Refusing To Be Silent"]

Auburn Activist Arrests
Friday, January 13, a planted FBI infiltrator named Anna, was responsible for the arrest of three people in Auburn, California. These three are accused of being an ELF cell and planning to damage a cellphone tower, a power plant and a US Forest Service facility. Eric McDavid, has requested prisoner support. The families of Eric and Lauren have been able to hire private attorneys, but that was not the case with Zachary. Lauren was released on bail, and as of May 30th, is reportedly cooperating with authorities. As of July 20, Zachary Jensen has also become an Informant.


Support has been withdrawn for the following co-defendants, after it has come to light that these people have decided to cooperate with the FBI by giving information on other activists, in exchange for the possibility of reduced sentences: Stan Meyerhoff, Kevin Tubbs, Lauren Weiner, Chelsea Dawn Gerlach, Suzanne Savoie, Kendall Tankersley, Darren Thurston, and Zachary Jensen. Jennifer Kolar of Seattle has also been giving information leading to the arrest of at least one of these activists. Lacey Phillabaum is also providing testimony against others.

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