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Time for a "Paro Nacional"-- General strike?!

The General Strike as a tactic to return democracy to the USA?
Major cities in the USA are rallying on issues of immigrant rights even stronger than they are against the war. One million plus in L.A.! General strikes are a strong part of Latino history. United States has not seen a general strike in many years. Can you imagine what would happen if all working immigrants and supporters stopped working for a day? a week? think about it!
. 25.Mar.2006 22:38


It will be the immigrants and all the other marginalized people who will bring change to this country, not the privileged white anti-war liberals. They have too much to lose and are too invested in the classist/racist system to truly oppose it with any vigour.

Just over a week ago there were over 100,000 at the march in Chicago protesting the new draconian anti-immigrant legislation.

There are 50 hunger strikers and a 7 day protest in SF also happening right now.

hablo revoluccion 25.Mar.2006 23:13


just think of the messicani ... si se puede

Immigrant Ilusions 26.Mar.2006 05:39

so far

>>It will be the immigrants and all the other marginalized people who will bring change to this country, not the privileged white anti-war liberals. They have too much to lose and are too invested in the classist/racist system to truly oppose it with any vigour.<<

And that's exactly what the empire globalists want - a fascist dictatorship, third world America. It's not about spreading American empire, its about spreading corporate global fascism slavery throughout the world.

Wake up, immigrants. America will soon cease being the land of dreams and freedom that allured you to migrate.

Unite to destroy racist Imperialism! 26.Mar.2006 08:55

Marik marik@aracnet.com

I strongly feel that there is much potential these days in the united states, to build a movement capable of overthrowing bourgeois rule. These days, I see 3 potentially powerful movements. We have the attack on immigrant rights in which Latino activists and labor activists are beginning to work together, with growing results. We have the New Orleans/Gulf Coast struggle and fightback, with it's older black radical core..and the anti-war movement which seems mostly white. At some point tho, these movements are going to have to form a solid fist against U.S. Imperialism.

I would love to see a general strike, but we have not yet come far enough along. We have yet to bridge our movements into one gigantic movement aimed at removing U.S. imperialism, the definite root of all our troubles. Once we do this, once the working class has destroyed racial divides, we will be able to cripple U.S. imperialism and with it, bourgeois rule. Then it will not be a question of whether or not to have a general strike, but for how long!

. 26.Mar.2006 10:38


I agree in general that there is potential, but the anti-war movement will have to first liberate itself from the grip of liberal left institutions. It is an absolute travesty that the anti-war leadership in 2004 urged people to vote for a prowar candidate. As long as the 'progressive' arm of the democratic party succeeds in shaping anti-war sentiment, the anti-war movement will remain ineffectual.

Don't forget all the anti-globalization organizations, which, since Miami have been more in the background, but they are there and not so blinded by leftism.

[ 26.Mar.2006 11:06


First, there is not a coherent anti-war movement. It is something of a ruse. The US goverment bombed Serbia back into the stone age and killed mass numbers of people based on lies as false as the ones Bush told. Why were there no anti-war protests? Because there was a Democratic President. The left establishment and the Democratic Party have effective control of the anti-war movement. That is how the anti-war movement was turned to vote for a pro-war candidate.

There is a movement in that there are millions of people who are anti-war, but they are being channeled into intended and ineffective avenues.

People independent of such control need to organize with each other. Medea Benjamin has sold out to democratic interests. Other high profile people are in the same position. A people's movement needs to be free of control by either dominant party or its extended arms.

The political left in this country will stab people in the back every time. There are lots of decent liberals who do want better, but they gotta see how they are being used. They are not bad people, but they are being duped. All the decent people, including Kucinich, Conyers, Feingold need to get the hell out of the Democratic Party. It makes better use of them than they make of it. It is a net loss to have them there.

It feels like a step backwards because there is power in the Democratic Party that they hope to use, but that is not how it works out.

to [ 26.Mar.2006 16:11

and ]

great writing

The left sells out 26.Mar.2006 19:08


To the person who wrote that Medea Benjamin had "sold out" to the Democrats:

I have heard nothing about this. Please, explain with examples.


[ 27.Mar.2006 09:50


Medea Benjamin stumps for the Democratic Party now. Has for a while. She was visible and active in the anti-globalization mobilizations, but now she campaigns for the Party that brought us NAFTA. She refuted her earlier vote for Nader, and has acted as an attack dog against him on behalf of the Democratic Party.

She probably calls it political expediency. I call it selling out. Big time.

200 +teens 29.Mar.2006 14:33


...marched through the small beach town of Santa Cruz this morning. What en empowered group! They marched despite a Portland-like cool rain that the Northern California coast has been receiving this month, and received wide support from even shopkeepers.