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9.11 investigation

Navy Buiding Warships From WTC Steel

They're naming them the 'New York',the 'Arlington' (home of the Pentagon), and the 'Somerset' (County where Flight 93 'crashed')
I'm not making this up. From the NY Daily News right now (Sat). Scientists can't get a pound of raw WTC steel to examine, but the Navy just incorporated some 24 tons of it in their latest "Anti-Terror warships". With solemn, sacred ceremonies, invoking the dead of 9/11, our leaders have permanently enshrined the GREAT SHINING LIE in their new floating temples of death. The policeman of the world in his new global gunboat, christened with the blood of innocents. And you thought the Ground Zero Memorial was an ugly ploy to etch the govt. fables in stone forever. A spokesman for the steel's 'protectors', NORTHROP GRUMMAN* says: "Some steel left over is to be kept in a secure location. We recognize that this is a sensitive issue and we are treating that steel as a sacred and protected item."  link to hosted.ap.org
Reminds me of ... 27.Mar.2006 11:27

Jody Paulson

... how they fed bits of ground-up cow to other cows in their feed, which has since been shown to be the cause of Mad Cow Disease.

Not superstitious, but... 27.Mar.2006 11:29


I'm not one prone to superstition or mythologies, but I wouldn't want to be on the open sea with that much unanswered blood in the steel.