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9.11 investigation

Second Confirmation of Bush seeing 9-11 first hit 'live': "NASA had live feed first hit"

NASA had a live feed for first hit, says NASA technician. No one except Bush has ever claimed to have seen the first hit live. Bush does on several occassions.

Thanks to someone commenting on another article. This is big information and I think it deserves its own post because it helps unravel how Bush likely would have seen the first hit live. It exposes the traitor network leading into NASA. I wanted to make it more widely known in this promoted post.
Bush--and NASA--had access to live video feed on WTC to watch first hit, 8:46 am
Bush--and NASA--had access to live video feed on WTC to watch first hit, 8:46 am
After seeing 1st hit live, Bush into photo op; told of 2nd WTC hit, does nothing
After seeing 1st hit live, Bush into photo op; told of 2nd WTC hit, does nothing
Bush team stays at photo op 30 min. more, til 3rd hit of Pentagon assured, 9:37
Bush team stays at photo op 30 min. more, til 3rd hit of Pentagon assured, 9:37
Someone, ostensibly working for NASA, called into a radio program and admitted to seeing a still shot from the first hit displayed on a top secret NASA camera.

No one else had this video access until the Naudet film surfaces days later.

NASA had it in real time on the day of 9-11.

from aother PIMC post here:


First, a documented background where Bush does indeed claim--repeatedly--to watching a live feed focused on the WTCs BEFORE the first hit, then he sees the first hit live. Then he is puppeted into his treasonous public relations stunt, and continues to stand down after the second hit of the WTCs around 9:01-3 a.m.. And then they wait for 30 more minutes and only leave Booker Elementary School when the third hit on the Pentagon at 9:36/7 a.m. is assured/


Bush Claims to See First WTC Crash on Television While at Elementary School Complete 911 Timeline

President Bush later makes the following statement: "And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower—the television was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, 'There's one terrible pilot.' And I said, 'It must have been a horrible accident.' But I was whisked off there—I didn't have much time to think about it." [CNN, 12/4/01] He has repeated the story on other occasions. [CBS News, 9/11/02; White House, 1/5/02] Notably, the first WTC Crash was not shown live on television. Further, Bush does not have access to a television until 15 or so minutes later. [Washington Times, 10/7/02] A Boston Herald article later notes, "Think about that. Bush's remark implies he saw the first plane hit the tower. But we all know that video of the first plane hitting did not surface until the next day. Could Bush have meant he saw the second plane hit—which many Americans witnessed? No, because he said that he was in the classroom when Andrew Card whispered in his ear that a second plane hit." The article, noting that Bush has repeated this story more than once, asks, "How could the commander in chief have seen the plane fly into the first building—as it happened?" [Boston Herald, 10/22/02] A Bush spokesman later calls Bush's repeated comments "just a mistaken recollection." [Wall Street Journal, 3/22/04]

other people were warned:

(6:45 a.m.): Israeli Company Given Two Hours' Notice of Attack
"Approximately two hours prior to the first attack," at least two workers at Odigo, an Israeli-owned instant messaging company, receive messages warning of the attack. Odigo's US headquarters are located two blocks from the WTC. The source of the warning is unknown. [Washington Post, 9/28/01; Ha'aretz, 9/26/01]

WTC7 security is breached:

6:47 a.m.: WTC Building 7 Alarm Not Operating
According to later reports, the alarm system in WTC 7 is placed on "TEST" status for a period due to last eight hours. This ordinarily happens during maintenance or other testing, and any alarms received from the building are generally ignored. [Nist Progress Report, 6/04, pp 28]
People and organizations involved: World Trade Center


8:46 a.m.: First WTC Attack Recorded on Video, but Not Broadcast Until Evening

Two French documentary filmmakers are filming a documentary on New York City firefighters about ten blocks from the WTC. One of them hears a roar, looks up, and captures a distant image of the first WTC crash. They continue shooting footage nonstop for many hours, and their footage is first shown that evening on CNN. [New York Times, 1/12/02] President Bush later claims that he sees the first attack live on television, but this is technically impossible [as coming from the Naudet film], as there was no [public] live news footage of the attack. [Wall Street Journal, 3/22/04]


 link to www.cooperativeresearch.org

then the rest of the day occurs:


the quote that caused someone else to comment about this live feed issue:

rebuttals 23.Mar.2006 21:03
me link


Logically he [Bush] was there [at Booker Elementary School in Florida] for a photo op alibi. He was ALREADY AWARE of the first plane hitting the WTC before he even arrived. While he's sitting there, he's told of the second [hitting] a few minutes after 9 a.m. Bush has repeatedly said he WATCHED the first plane hit, on close caption TV wired to him (no one ever saw that, and Bush has repeatedly said he "saw the first plane hit live." Bush is the only person in the world to ever claim he saw 'live footage' of WTC1 getting hit. The Naudet film doesn't surface until much later.

So, back to 9-11 date, they wait for 30 minutes (Ari Fleisher is flashing him cue cards with "DON'T SAY ANYTHING YET" on them). It's a total Presidential treasonous standdown to an attack, to allow Cheney in the White House bunker to direct the real standdown of FEMA. Cheney was appointed to head the Office of National Emergency Response in FEMA in March 2001. He was doing so as "nothing was happening over and over" on 9-11. Read this for instance:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/03/335923.shtml

Bush is just there for a photo op to show that "he was preoccupied and unprepared". They failed to count on his own stupid incopetence of talking about how he was doing nothing even after the first hit "that he saw live" and then the second one that was caught on camera feed when Card came up to tell him. Bush admits he saw the first hit. And there is documentation that he gets warned with the second 15 minutes later, a few minutes after 9 a.m. Still nothing. He reads My Pet Goat,...


Some (not all) of the Secret Service were traitors as well, because some attempted actually to get him the hell out of there and find someplace secure--and they were stopped by others.

Some Secret Service call Andrews AFB and tell them to get those planes in the air because they knew that the third plane was on the way to DC and nothing was happening.

Up to one hour later after Norad/FAA's first warning about it, those Andrews AFB planes are still not off the ground, and when some do they heads SOUTH of DC 100+ miles away...others fly to New York to look "dramatic and protect-y", though its just a living stage act since Norad already knew long before that nothing else was coming to New York after both WTCs were hit. Others have been timed to be only flying about 25% of their speed capacity, to arrive late in DC.

So, with traitorous Norad agents helping them, Bush and the S. S. traitor crew wait and hold him there until the terror strike matures with the Pentagon hit around 9:37/8 a.m..

When they are assured that the third hit of the Pentagon has been pulled off, after a 30 minute wait after notification of the WTC2 hit, they only then start leaving right as the Pentagon is hit. Nothing rushed though. Bush is unguarded, etc., as he gets on his plane.

Bush got the orders on his desk to sign off for an attack on Afghanistan September 9, 2001--two days BEFORE 9-11.

This is very serious and requires you look more into it than you have.


Regarding Citizen Able's question 24.Mar.2006 09:14
Converse Murdoch  umlaut@idir.net link

"Logically if he knew the exact hour and minute of the attacks (or staged attacks), wouldn't he want to look like a commander and chief, in charge, giving orders, etc. instead of a deer in the headlights? "

The simple answer is that Bush & Co. didn't plan this out to the Nth degree. They didnt count on some amatuer with a camcorder catching Bush's reaction. He doesn't have a deer in the headlights look on his face either. What's most revealing about this video is his utter lack of reaction to the news. [as he keeps sitting there as Card moves in to inform Bush of the second hit, and then Card immediately pops back off camera, i.e., he fails to wait or even ask for any reponse from Bush or expecting any. That is the notable thing.]. Common sense indicates that he already knew what was going to happen.

Bush's lack of reaction is comparable to hearing a gunshot in the next room and not reacting to it. One would duck, run, call the cops, or very carefully check it out. But you would not sit there acting like nothing was happening unless you expected it to happen. Bush knew that was going to happen.

Looking back on it he definitely could have done a better job of playing his part.



proof? 24.Mar.2006 10:09
eyeless in Gaza link

I heard a guy call the Mike Malloy show when author David Ray Griffin was being interviewed. He claimed he was a 'security technician' for NASA for 30 years. He said that on 911 he was working in a secure NASA monitoring room with active video screens. While he was doing his work, he noticed on one of the screens a still live shot of the Twin Towers [before the hits]. Suddenly, he said, he saw the first jet crash into the Tower. All on live closed-circuit TV at NASA. This must be what Bush was referring to. You don't think they were going to miss out on the live action do you? No one wanted to see it secondhand. I'd really like to see the Pentagon footage they must have. What a bunch of sickos! I bet they watch it over and over, slapping themselves on the back and laughing. Woulldn't surprise me.



4. Cameras could have been set up from the Woolworth building, and run by traitors in Beau Dietl, and piped to everyone involved.

Beau Dietl are very close to the Bush family.

They have 'ex-'U.S. cover ops personnel and Delta Force personnel in their "surveillance and cover op" corporation. Beau Dietl have been trusted in the past with Bush events. and 9-11 was just another Bush event in many ways.

Title: 9-11:police channel:"Woolworth Building! They're firing missiles from Woolworth Building!"
Author: version1
Date: 2004.09.13 09:26
Description: Something very interesting was going on--on top of the Woolworth Building. An assemblage of available information. If you know more statements, please post to this thread.

And of course Marvin Bush, brother of George W. Bush, was head of WTCs security. He let the controlled demolitions get wired up. He likely was the one to without explanation order off the bomb sniffing dogs a week before 9-11 to let it occur. It all fits.

The whole Bush family are U.S. traitors, a criminal family that requires ROOTING OUT immediately. The U.S. is being run by terrorists in the White House intent to destroy the U.S. Constitution and US democracy and enshrine themselves as its dictatorial hereditary elite.