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Low flying chopper in SE

Anyone know what gives with the helicopter flying low over SE tonight?
I've heard it twice in the last hour.
was it a news helicopter? 24.Mar.2006 23:20


sometimes news helicopters fly low over different parts of town if there is something they want to put on the 10 or 11 o'clock news. Sometimes they even broadcast live.

also, its important to know 25.Mar.2006 01:23

Humvee helecopters

what kind of helecopter it is. the local news flys high economy helecopters, while the military and the feds fly gas guzzelers. The dreaming amatures fly mosquitos.

I'm mostly afraid of the helecopters which sound like the ones who guarded Bush or Cheny when they came to town. You know, the Humvee helecopters.

Tell Me Again? 25.Mar.2006 08:21


Why is this worthy of a newswire by-line?

I see helicoptors over my northeast neighborhood but I don't report it.

sound and see 25.Mar.2006 08:28

watching and listening

Sounds can be tricky. I was watching a very loud "humvee" sounding helicopter approach (SE) a couple of days ago and just as it flew overhead the sound shifted and low-and-behold it was a TV helicopter and it sounded like one as it flew away.

I heard the sounds last night, and it did sound "humvee" like, but it was night so a viewing ID wasn't really a possibility and sounds alone don't really do the trick, eh?.

an odd thing 25.Mar.2006 09:23


the chopper has made different appearences over SE over the last year. It is especially because it flys
VERY low. not a newschopper.

humvee-ish 25.Mar.2006 13:27


It didn't sound like a news chopper, it sounded very large. It was late and dark and I couldn't see it.

Sorry if you don't think it's newsworthy, Please. Guess I'm feeling paranoid these days and thought this would be a place to come for an honest answer.

well 26.Mar.2006 22:28

none of my business but

the really scary ones don't sound like shit until they're right over you

RE: ... 27.Mar.2006 06:41


The reason only reason i come here with questions is becuse i feel it's o.k. to have a opinion here. In otherwords it's not a news site with all the answers, it does not even claim to. That is the whole point of the open-post system. That is why the collective that started on the eve of the 20th cen. has grown to the world wide "media" movemnt that it is today.

Paraniod people have a lot of web-sites to talk about funny sounding aircraft. This space is to talk about the tabo of the 6-O-Clock report. Or to make public real problems in our daily lives, or minor to major act's of resistance. What i am trying to say is that when someone says hey is this news maybe they are saying "i got real problems like cop CAR'S and the asshole driveing"!!!!!