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ELP Political Prisoner update

ELP Information Bulletin (23rd March 2006)

Dear friends

ELP has three lots of news for you today:

1) (USA) Its Chelsea Gerlach's birthday on the 6th of April
2) (Italy) Simone Meroni has been released
3) (USA) Joyanna Zacher needs letters of support
1) American eco-remand prisoner, Chelsea Gerlach, will be "celebrating" her
birthday on the 6th of April. Being inside on your birthday can be a bit
depressing for a prisoner, so please help lift her spirits by sending her a
card. Send your cards (just before the 6th of April) to:

Chelsea Gerlach #1308678
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

For more info on Chelsea contact her support campaign

2) Italian animal rights activist, Simon Meroni, has been released from
prison. As reported by ELP a few days ago, he had been arrested following
an anti-fascist counter demonstration in northern Italy.

3) The support campaign for American eco-remand prisoner, Joyanna Zacher,
have reported that since she arrived at Lane County Jail she hasn't been
receiving much mail. So please write to Joy (and all the eco-prisoners)
today and remind her we care about her and are thinking about her.

Joyanna Zacher #1662550
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

For more info on Joy cantact her support campaign


British Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
BM Box 2407
E-mail  ELP4321@Hotmail.com