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actions & protests | imperialism & war m19 2006

In Solidarity From Los Angeles

Monday March 20th Actions of Civil Disobedience resulting in 19 arrests in Portland and 8 in Los Angeles
We support your actions!
Just a few words to let you you that we here in Los Angeles want to send a shout out to all of you up there in Portland for your beautiful action, street theater and also to support those arrested in Monday's events.
We here in L.A. can only marvel at what you accomplished and you should all be proud of you efforts which produced what we are being told is the largest march nation wide. "Mad Props" to ya!
Having been part of a small affinity group here in L.A. in which 8 of us were arrested, it was a moving and deeply profound experiance which i am certain your arrestees also felt. We were held from approx. 2:00 until alsmost 9:00 that evening with one woman held until 10:p.m.
Keep up the great work, together a better world is possible.
Let us hear from you at Indymedia Los Angeles, visit, watch some of our actions and PUBLISH so that we can contiune to build a West Coast united in Peace and Justice. Stay strong, see you in court!
In solidarity, lynda llamas
RIGHTEOUS VIBE ; 24.Mar.2006 16:19

double dee


.....still -coasting- on the adrenaline and the communal energy.....

911 24.Mar.2006 20:10


9-11 + mexicans = revolution

wow 25.Mar.2006 13:51


On Saturday, demonstrators streamed into downtown Los Angeles for what was expected to be one of the city's largest pro-immigrant rallies. The crowd was estimated at more than 100,000, said police Sgt. Lee Sands.