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CNN Produces Balanced Piece On Sheen 9/11 Comments - watch the video here

Click on this link to watch video:
We are amazed and flabbergasted by how fair this piece is and it should help encourage other high profile figures in the public eye like Charlie Sheen to come forward. This marks the first instance where those that question 9/11 were given a fair shake at voicing their opinions.

Republicans are mislead, not braindead 23.Mar.2006 15:10

Fred Bauer

I've gotten hard core Bush supporters to look at 911 and once they get it, they're on board. Right wingers, especially military people really do believe in protecting America. More and more of them are coming on board. If you think you're angry about 911, you should see these guys once they've figured out what's going on. The tide is really turning. We're going to win this.

Don't Mind the Man Behind the Curtain 23.Mar.2006 18:48


Somehow...I don't like the sound of CNN, a mainstream star, and oft-considered disinformation like non-plane projectiles all in one thing. I suppose I could accept, maybe, that Sheen just hasn't been looking a bit too closely, but CNN popping in with this? I'm not even going for cautious optimism. I'll wait for the so-called refutation and see how "concise" it is.

still, it might pay to remember 23.Mar.2006 21:22


that CNN stands, also, for 'complicit news network.'

You miss the point 24.Mar.2006 13:56

Anders Ratatosk

You miss the entire point of how significant this is. First corporate media acknowledgement of the possibility that our government was and is covering up a massive attack on our own country, killing thousands of our own people. Weither or not Showbiz Tonight has some hidden agenda or not, weither or not its coming through CNN, which normally panders to the currently powered interests, its still putting these important facts out into the world. Its possible even that a celebrity gossip show could be the perfect medium for this, given the celebrity cult of America.


some people 23.Mar.2006 16:01



not the neocons

its happening again

A Question 23.Mar.2006 19:10

citizen able

I'm being sincere when I ask this, and perhaps its been answered and I'm unaware of the answer.

If 911 was really a government sponsored kabuki show, then why did Bush after being told about the planes hitting the towers sit in that classroom for 5 minutes like a dork?

Logically if he knew the exact hour and minute of the attacks (or staged attacks), wouldn't he want to look like a commander and chief, in charge, giving orders, etc. instead of a deer in the headlights?

The video with Charlie Sheen was very interesting, but he is asking the wrong questions.

How do 19 guys with box cutters hijack 3 airplanes and cause almost 1 trillion dollars in global economic damage?

I don't know.

How does one ugly bugged-eye insane Austrian corporal talk a nation into committing national suicide with 50 million dead in its wake?

How does one web-footed deformed bandit convince his nation to worship and fear him enough that they would murder more of their own citizens than the ugly bugged-eyed insane Austrian corporal did?

break the damn...release the river 23.Mar.2006 19:38


I really don't understand what Citizen able is talking about, but this bears repeating:

"some people are


not the neocons

its happening again"

Only I'd argue one thing, the neocons aren't slow, but everything needs to be carefully planned, including another inside attack. this takes time.

citizen disabled 23.Mar.2006 20:56


you are running in circles

rebuttals 23.Mar.2006 21:03


"Logically if he knew the exact hour and minute of the attacks (or staged attacks), wouldn't he want to look like a commander and chief, in charge, giving orders, etc. instead of a deer in the headlights? "

No. Logically he was there for a photo op alibi. He was ALREADY AWARE of the first plane hitting the WTC before he even arrived. While he's sitting there, he's told of the second a few minutes after 9 a.m. Bush has repeatedly said he WATCHED the first plane hit, on close caption TV wired to him (no one ever saw that, and Bush has repeatedly said he "saw the first plane hit live." Bush is the only person in the world to ever claim he saw 'live footage' of WTC1 getting hit. The Naudet film doesn't surface until much later.

So, back to 9-11 date, they wait for 30 minutes (Ari Fleisher is flashing him cue cards with "DON'T SAY ANYTHING YET" on them). It's a total Presidential treasonous standdown to an attack, to allow Cheney in the White House bunker to direct the real standdown of FEMA. Cheney was appointed to head the Office of National Emergency Response in FEMA in March 2001. He was doing so as "nothing was happening over and over" on 9-11. Read this for instance:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/03/335923.shtml

Bush is just there for a photo op to show that "he was preoccupied and unprepared". They failed to count on his own stupid incopetence of talking about how he was doing nothing even after the first hit "that he saw live" and then the second one that was caught on camera feed when Card came up to tell him. Bush admits he saw the first hit. And there is documentation that he gets warned with the second 15 minutes later, a few minutes after 9 a.m. Still nothing. He reads My Pet Goat, and pats the heads of close cut little heads of male children as his sexual fetish demands--like the larger version crew cut screw doll male porn star Jeff Gannon who Bush likes to have "sleep over" in the White House to service him sexually. Gannon's "contract bio" says that he doesn't get screwed, he's always the screwer.

Some (not all) of the Secret Service were traitors as well, because some attempted actually to get him the hell out of there and find someplace secure--and they were stopped by others.

Some Secret Service call Andrews AFB and tell them to get those planes in the air because they knew that the third plane was on the way to DC and nothing was happening.

Up to one hour later after Norad/FAA's first warning about it, those Andrews AFB planes are still not off the ground, and when some do they heads SOUTH of DC 100+ miles away...others fly to New York to look "dramatic and protect-y", though its just a living stage act since Norad already knew long before that nothing else was coming to New York after both WTCs were hit. Others have been timed to be only flying about 25% of their speed capacity, to arrive late in DC.

So, with traitorous Norad agents helping them, Bush and the S. S. traitor crew wait and hold him there until the terror strike matures with the Pentagon hit around 9:37/8 a.m..

When they are assured that the third hit of the Pentagon has been pulled off, after a 30 minute wait after notification of the WTC2 hit, they only then start leaving right as the Pentagon is hit. Nothing rushed though. Bush is unguarded, etc., as he gets on his plane.

Bush got the orders on his desk to sign off for an attack on Afghanistan September 9, 2001--two days BEFORE 9-11.

This is very serious and requires you look more into it than you have.

j - please answer the question 23.Mar.2006 21:33

citizen able


do you have have an answer for me?

If 911 is Bullshit, then why would bush allow himself to look like such an idiot on national television?

you can't have it both ways.

Is this the same Bush that is the head of an evil government that has the wool pulled over everyone's eyes with its precision clockwork detonations, and hologram aircraft hallucinations,

Or is it the other Bush that watches a hurricane barreling down on New Orleans for over a week from Crawford Texas while his dim-bulb staff look at each other and shrug their shoulders?

Most geniuses I've met in my life stay geniuses and most bozos remain bozos.

You can't have Bush masterminding 911 cover-ups in one sentence and having him stepping on his dick in the next, that really would be running in circles...

I'm waiting on an answer to my question if anybody has one...


Mr Able - Laughing Horse - Wednsday 7pm - please attend cake 23.Mar.2006 22:45


First of all, I dont think any person informed on 9/11 would consider Bush to be a mastermind of anything but some would say, stepping on his dick.

I would go so far as to say bush is just an actor. Bush sr. or cheney may be in charge, but even they are serving someone else.

Cheney was in charge of air defence on 9/11, and gave the order not to shoot down the flights.

How about World trade center building 7 ?? do you have any idea what it is ?? It was the third skyscraper to collapse entirely to the ground on 9/11, as well as the third modern steel skyscraper to collapse due to fire in history. The first 2 being WTC 1&2. But building 7 was not hit by an airplane!! Only a few isolated fires from the wtc 1&2 destruction a block away.

Who had offices in WTC 7?
Who was head of security of the WTC?
What was happening to United airlines and American airlines stock the week leading up to 9/11?
Who was lease holder of the WTC and how much insurance did he buy specifically for terrorism?
Who called San Fran. Mayor Willie Brown to warn him not to fly Commercial in the weeks up to 9/11?
What coorprate, better equipped, better paid army is in Iraq now, guarding our generals?
What is the Unitary executive?

Citizen Able, there are so many better questions you could be asking. Try google.

I am asking anyone who is questioning 9/11 to please come down to Laughing Horse Bookstore 3652 SE Division @ 7pm - 9pm. cake

Please check out  http://pdx911.blogspot.com/ for some local PDX 9/11 truth info and some very helpful links, so that we all can be on the same page instead of arguing about symantics.

check ya later

"c. a." 23.Mar.2006 22:57


"You can't have Bush masterminding 911 cover-ups ... "

--nor can you have him "masterminding" anything else - because he's utterly incapable of it. (YOU, "c.a." have yourself inserted the straw-man word "mastermind" into this discussion thread)

Nor is Saddam Hussein the "mastermind" of WMDs (that'd be Don Rumsfeld).

Nor is OBL the "mastermind" of 9/11.

'New Pearl Harbor' operations this big have wide, dispersed origins among elite networks.

GWB is simply a bumbling figurehead for the American crapitalist deathterror network.

the planning and execution was (allowed to be) carried out by the Emperor's PNAC and oil company minions. Remember well: OBL was trained by the CIA (Papa Bush former director) in 1980s, and the bin Laden family are closely associated in business with the Bush family.

all GWB was required to do that day was be shunted around (even as far as Offutt AFB for a billionaires' meeting via Air Force One) by his entourage, and look doe-eyed as he waited for permission to be given him by Rove, Cheney & Co. to go ahead with the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions (after passage of the pre-drafted USA Patriot Act the very next week of course...)

and be given the thumbs-up signal to start braying the 'War on Terror/Remember 9/11' mantra. That's his sole function as pResident.

Regarding Citizen Able's question 24.Mar.2006 09:14

Converse Murdoch umlaut@idir.net

"Logically if he knew the exact hour and minute of the attacks (or staged attacks), wouldn't he want to look like a commander and chief, in charge, giving orders, etc. instead of a deer in the headlights? "

The simple answer is that Bush & Co. didn't plan this out to the Nth degree. They didnt count on some amatuer with a camcorder catching Bush's reaction. He doesn't have a deer in the headlights look on his face either. What's most revealing about this video is his utter lack of reaction to the news. Common sense indicates that he already knew what was going to happen.

Bush's lack of reaction is comparable to hearing a gunshot in the next room and not reacting to it. One would duck, run, call the cops, or very carefully check it out. But you would not sit there acting like nothing was happening unless you expected it to happen. Bush knew that was going to happen.

Looking back on it he definitely could have done a better job of playing his part.

proof? 24.Mar.2006 10:09

eyeless in Gaza

I heard a guy call the Mike Malloy show when author David Ray Griffin was being interviewed. He claimed he was a 'security technician' for NASA for 30 years. He said that on 911 he was working in a secure NASA monitoring room with active video screens. While he was doing his work, he noticed on one of the screens a still live shot of the Twin Towers. Suddenly, he said, he saw the first jet crash into the Tower. All on live closed-circuit TV at NASA. This must be what Bush was referring to. You don't think they were going to miss out on the live action do you? No one wanted to see it secondhand. I'd really like to see the Pentagon footage they must have. What a bunch of sickos! I bet they watch it over and over, slapping themselves on the back and laughing. Woulldn't surprise me.

sol 24.Mar.2006 11:07

jumpin on fire

just what IS your proof that a plane hit the Pentagon? Nice try, but you're an ignorant guy who just won't quit. Get a real job. I know you think your BS is getting over on this site, but we're just laughing at your idiocy man.

Air America 24.Mar.2006 11:15


A guy calls Tom Hartman, so-called 'rad' talk show host on Air america. He asks if Tom has heard about Charlie Sheen's comments about 911. Trying to sound convincing, Hartman says "No. I haven't heard". He then gets rid of the guy as quickly as possible, with zero dialogue. Well, I say BULLSHIT. You know Hartman heard about it. Unless he was hiding under a rock all week. Air America- what a joke. Don't want to upset Big Al Franken. No Israel, no 911, no New World Order. "Give 'em Malloy once in a while, that will make us look good with the left". NOOOOOOOT!!!!!! Starstruck idiots.

9/11 24.Mar.2006 12:06

time for revolt

Stop putting so much on Bush himself. If you think about it, it's CHENEY who runs the country with his help from the so-called "shadow-government". Bush is just the mouthpiece, or...in this case, lol, the punching bag.

Bush IS the curtain we need to look behind. And if we look behind it, we'll see Cheney and Rumsfeld at the switches.

thank you 24.Mar.2006 17:45

citizen able

Converse Murdoch, thanks for answering the question without giving me 20 other issues to deal with. I can accept your position as being plausible even if I don't really agree with it.

Personally I believe the US government's only role in 9/11 was one of incompetence for being too touchy feely and suffering from elephantine bureaucratic stupidity.

I also believe that Osama Bin Laden is dead. I believe he died at Tora Bora in 2002. I base that on certain chatter from higher ups in the government in the summer of 2002 that was quickly silenced.

I believe both the US Government and Al Qaeda have much to gain if their own constituents believe OBL is still alive. Which explains the guy who looks like him showing up in poorly lighted soft focus video tapes from time to time since 2002.

I'm think this 911 topic has gone from being an idea, to becoming a belief, and people get really pissed off when you challenge their beliefs. So I apologize for being a heretic on this subject. Perhaps someday I will join the growing numbers of people who believe in a 911 cover-up, but for now I'm not convinced.


citizen disable 24.Mar.2006 18:46


Pleeeeeze do your homework before you make an fool out of yourself here again. You're so obviously ill-informed. Your entire premise avoids mentioning any specifics at all. Not even a nice try on the troll-scale. Who cares what you BELIEVE? this isn't church. Citizen DIS-abled I say.

rAT you rock ! 24.Mar.2006 23:52


More power to ya! You're doing a great job 'being the media'. Hats off to you.

Don't apologize Citizen Able 25.Mar.2006 13:55

Converse Murdoch

You're entitled to your opinion. What in particular is stopping you from believing that the govt. would slaughter it's own citizens in a publicity stunt to launch a war ? Is that just too inconceivable or what ?

Admittedly it's not easy to accept that our govt. is run by a bunch of murdering psychopaths that would do something like that. When I first saw the pictures of the planes hitting the WTC my first thought was " Holy shit , Bush ain't got the balls to do that. " At first I had some doubts about 911 being engineered by the U.S. Govt.

What convinced me was the way Bush was already set to go with the patriot act and the invasion of Afghanistan. These things were planned before 911. All Bush needed was for something like this to happen and he's off to the races granting himself the powers of a king and starting wars of imperial conquest.