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Protest Nationalistic Hate This Friday in Salem!!!

They've planned a rally. They have their candidates rubbing their backs. They think they are right and that everyone feels the way they do. They think no one is watching them, and they might be right. It's time to show them we are paying attention and that they are the minority!
Victoria Taft
Victoria Taft
A month long effort of signature gathering, in an ironic use of a generic, un-credible letter stating the person signing said letter IS a citizen, is about to come to an end with a rally on the steps of the capital this Friday at Noon. "Thousands" of letters are to be delivered to the Governor, by local small time, ratings hungry talk show host Victoria Taft (am 860 Kpam), along with a majority of Republican governor candidates and politicians.

What do these letter signers want? They want you to prove you are a legal citizen before you vote, get state services, or anything else they think you are or are not entitled to. And THEY will decide how and what is required to prove your status.

While this is obviously a ratings grab for the station (i.e. see station advertisements on every letter signed), it now can not be dismissed that there is an element of danger in the size of response this stunt has generated. It's scary in this day and age to see how much ignorance and hate there is among this crowd's strongest supporters.

Guised in the name of American Law, are comments all over local Republican and Conservative blogs addressing "wetbacks" and "dirty Mexicans." The silent consensus is that if they appear to be an illegal immigrant, they must be so. My friends, this is sick, and needs to be approached.

Please understand, they will tell you this isn't about immigration, but illegal immigration. But their words and actions say different. They have been very vocal about what they think is right. It's time for you and I and all of us to show them they are wrong, very wrong.

Statesman Journal

Immigration-reform rally planned Friday on steps at Capitol

March 21, 2006

State Rep. Linda Flores, R-Clackamas, will be among the featured speakers at an immigration-reform rally on the steps of the Capitol at noon Friday. The rally is organized by KPAM radio (860 AM) and talk-show host Victoria Taft through an effort called Operation ID.

Taft collected letters from thousands of Oregonians in the past two months that call on the governor, the secretary of state and other state leaders to "check if persons applying for state benefits, driver's licenses and voting privileges are American citizens and legal residents of Oregon." Boxes full of those letters will be presented to Gov. Ted Kulongoski on Friday.

Flores was the chief sponsor of legislation in the 2005 legislative session that would have required proof of citizenship before registering to vote in Oregon.

The measure passed the House but died in the Senate. She plans to sponsor similar legislation in 2007.

 link to www.statesmanjournal.com

Victoria Taft's Blog

Be here Friday at noon for an Operation ID rally and the delivery of our Operation ID letters to Governor Kulongoski's office. \

The Governor's office still has not let us know if he'll be there to personally receive the letters, but he has nothing official on his schedule, so....
Our Operation ID letters call on the Governor to begin screening for citizenship all the names currently on the TAXPAYER funded database developed under the HELP AMERICA VOTE ACT. We also call on the Governor to begin making Oregon a less hospitable place for people who have BROKEN THE LAW to come here by making sure only legal residents have access to driver's licenses and only citizens can receive long term welfare and other TAXPAYER funded benefits. As the Operation ID letter puts it, "We should require no less."

On deck to speak at the even at noon on Friday, March 24th:
Gubernatorial candidate Kevin Mannix, representatives from the campaigns of Ron Saxton, Jason Atkinson, and Jim Feldkamp, State Representative Linda Flores, State Representative Kim Thatcher, Oregonians for Immigration President and Vice President Jim Ludwich and Rick Hickey, and, of course, your's truly, Victoria Taft.

let's go 22.Mar.2006 06:49

counter protest

if anyone has a ride to share, please post!