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19 Oregonians Deliver Anti-War Petitions to Senator Wyden's Office: Delegates Arrested

On March 20th, a delegation of 19 Oregonians took the call for peace to U.S. Senator Ron Wyden's office where they engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience to urge the Senator to introduce legislation ending the occupation of Iraq. Members of the media were turned away when they attempted to enter the federal building where delegates were eventually arrested and charged with failure to comply with a federal officer.

comment: I suggest we focus on funding for the war, and trying to get Congress to cut it off. Senator Wyden did vote against the original resolution authorizing the war. Since then he has voted FOR funding to continue the war. (As have Reps. DeFazio, Hooley and Walden.) We should try to pressure Wyden to vote against funding. This is the only real power Congress has to stop the war.


Report from inside Wyden's office

A group of 19 committed peace activists came to the office of Ron Wyden to speak with him regarding his sponsoring of legislation to bring the troops home.

The group was made up of a diverse collection of people, both politically and in age. They ranged from 20 to in their 60's. The group was almost evenly split between men and women (with a couple more women).

While many in the group had differing political philosophies, we managed to stay unified in solidarity when it came to tactics. I.E. Peaceful, non-violent, and unified.


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Reading the names of the dead (both americans and Iraqis)
Reading the names of the dead (both americans and Iraqis)

phone: phone: (503) 327-8250