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actions & protests | imperialism & war m19 2006

Eugene Civil Resistance activists arrested after sit-ins

We went first to the Federal Building, where Senator Smith has his office on the third floor. Neither he nor his staff were in residence, and we knew we would not be able to get to the third floor, so we had our sit-in in the downstairs lobby, and a bunch of us, including some spirited high school kids, were arrested.

We then moved on to the building that houses the offices of Senator Wyden and Rep. DeFazio. We found their doors locked, even though there were staff inside each office. There were signs posted saying they were closed for the day, on the advice of some government agency. One of us talked to people in both offices on his cell phone, asking them to come out and talk to us. They refused. [ read more ]

M20 Actions in Eugene

The day started out with a small group of coordinated individuals standing around outside the Federal building. When all of their people finally arrived (many of them high school students) they proceeded into the doorway of the building where they had a town hall meeting stating that when protests (such as the permitted marches we've all seen these past few days) fail then the American people have no choice but to commit themselves to civil disobedience to make their voices heard.

Their good (and reportedly longstanding) relationship with the Eugene police department worked out much to their benefit today; The doors were locked and everyone left inside the doorway was sited and released ( citing law: 41 CFR 102-74.390 by 10:30. [ read more ]

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