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The Most Beautiful Fireworks I Have Ever Seen: Remembering M19

March 19, 2006 was a beautiful sunny day. So sunny I decided to leave for the rally early. When I reached the waterfront a little after one o'clock, I was surprised to see a crowd already around one to two thousand people. I saw some familiar faces and made my rounds. Everyone I spoke to felt the rally was not going to get us out of Iraq any sooner, but everyone seemed to be enjoying the sunshine.

After about an hour, the crowd had doubled. Someone came up and greeted everyone and there was some peace and love music. Because I was at the rally to support the end of the Iraq war and not peace I went to the back of the crowd and watched the anarchist cheerleaders (they were awesome!).

A little while later I found the "bloc" and met some of the people from the Seattle Anti-imperialist group. The bloc had a banner that read "Fuck The Troops!" complete with a yellow ribbon crossed out, a circle A, and a circle E. Personally I thought this banner was great. It did not scape-goat our "leaders"; instead it called upon those holding the weapons to realize what they are doing is wrong. ] read more [

AUDIO FILE: Rally and March, March 19, 2006

What was accomplished? Each of those who attended will have to answer that for themselves. A thousand reasons for resisting oppression, all arising from one love of freedom, one compassion for all Human Beings, one faith in the general resilience of the Human Spirit.

This was an enormous event, both physically and emotionally. While standing at Broadway and Morrison, with the orange clad and black masked "detainees," the march stretched out away out of sight in both directions, north and south, while eastward I could see the vanguard of the March working its way north up 4th Avenue. Easily 30 blocks in length, probably more.

We take so much for granted in this country. It's good to get out into the streets and demonstrate the fact that we appreciate our Civil Liberties, and when Bush comes to shove, we will stand up for them and resist their gradual disappearance. It's necessary to respond as a Community to any assaualt upon the sovereignty of the people, upon their institutions, upon their capacity to trust one another. ] read more [

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