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The Iraqi Horror Picture Show

Bush's Prime Directive
Rules Of Acquisition or Amerika's Permanent Colony
On the third anniversary of Bush's invasion and occupation, Bush will be giving
a number of speeches claiming that great progress was being made in Iraq, and in typical Bush Speak, essentially said that there will be no withdrawal from Iraq. Speaking on CNN (Curbed News Network), Bush said that the
terrorists are escalating their violence to start a civil war and subvert American
democracy. "There will be more chaos and carnage in the days, months, and
years to come," said Bush.

In The Militarized Colony There Is Never A Dull Moment
As al CIAduh and associated operatives are busy killing Sunni's and Shia's
with car bombs in open markets and other public areas, destroy mosques with
mortars and bombs, Bush said that in the past two weeks the positive response of the Iraqi's had shown the world that they want a world of peace and
democracy. The Beverly Thrillbilly, amazingly, for the first time has said some-
thing that actually makes sense. Will the real George W. Bush please stand up?
"And they *[Iraqi's] will oppose a violent monority *[Americans] that seeks to
take that future away from them by tearing their country apart."
*Emphasis mine.

The Iraqi Army On Lay-Away or I Don't Like Hand-Me-Downs
Bush praised the Iraqi military and lauded the vast improvement in the Iraqi
Security Forces. "The U.S. military will stand down," said Bush, "only when
the Iraqi Army is able to protect Iraq."
Referring to a glowing report by General Pace, Bush claimed that there were
over one hundred Iraqi battalions in the field.
The Time Warp or The Pace Can't Keep Up
Wow! The most amazing army in the world, tied down with trying to defeat the
Resistance Guerrillas, have succeeded in fully training and arming 99 new
Iraqi battalions. It wasn't that long ago that General George Casey said that
there was only one Iraqi battalion -- about 500 - 600 troops -- that was semi-
capable of fighting independently.

Speaking at the George Washington University, to the Foundation For Defense
Of Democracies, Bush said that the Iraqi military has taken on more
responsibility. "The Iraqi army has taken total control of more than 30,000
square miles of Iraq," said Bush, "and Iraq has 170,000 square miles. My goal
is to have the Iraqi army controlling most of Iraq by the end of the year."
"More than 130 Iraqi battalions are fighting the terrorists," said Bush, "and the
Iraqi forces have planned and conducted more than 200 independent operations
in two weeks."
Bush said that there were some Iraqi troops who performed poorly, like allowing
terrorists to roam freely, or pass through checkpoints....and that these mistakes are the exception, not the rule.

No Silver Bullets For The WereTerrorists or New U.S. National Bird: Duck
"I wish I could tell you that the violence is waning and that the road ahead will
be smooth," said Bush, "but it will not. The terrorists are using violence to test
American resolve and drive us out of Iraq. They will not succeed."
Bush urged the U.S. public to continue supporting his war on Iraq.
"The U.S. and our coalition allies have brought freedom to Iraq and have helped
in restoring a democratic government for the Iraqi people, but the troops will see
more tough fighting in the long struggle ahead."

Hot Patoastie or Rumsfeld: The Wild And Inflamed Thing
Speaking on CNN (Credulous News Network), the Pentagon Overlord, referring
to his records said that since 9/11, the overall desertion rate has dropped
dramatically, and then added that about 8,000 troops had deserted the military
since March 20, 2003....82 from the Air Force, 3,454 from the Navy, and
4,387 from the Army. The Marine Corps said it does not keep track of its
desertions, but it has listed 1,455 marines as awol.
With obvious irritation, the Rum-balled super zero testily criticized the
comparison of Iraq to Vietnam. "Look," said Rumbo, "the American people
should know that Iraq is not Vietnam. During the Vietnam war, the massive
protests across America resulted in a big drop in troop morale. Today, most
American people are supporting the war on terror."
As the Rum-bling one went on he said that in the Vietnam-era, there was a
draft.....and that there were 2.7 million troops on active duty. "Today, America
has an all-volunteer army with 1.4 million active duty troops. In 1971, 33,094
troops went awol, 3.4 percent of Army forces. In 2005, the desertion rate was
0.24 percent."
Rummy Bear added that the number of troop desertions had dropped since
September 11. In 2001, there was a total of 7,978 awol troops -- in 2005, there
were only 3,456 deserters. (Air Force - Navy - Army). In 2001, there were 1,603
awol marines -- in 2005, there were only 148 marines that had deserted.

Condoleezza Rice: The Lizard Queen Of G.
"I don't know nothing about findin' no yellow-cake uraniums."

Appearing on CNN (Crass News Network), to promote her latest report,
"2005 Country Reports On Human Rights Practices," Rice said, "In Iraq,
2005 was a year of major progress for democracy, democratic rights and
freedom. There was a steady growth of NGO's and other civil society
associations that promote human rights."
For more words of wissssss-dom from the Queen of Shlit-ther:

 link to

Over At The Frankenzones or The Toothless One Has Spoken
Blowing a fartuous smokescreen, Bush and his herd of turdles are saying
that the situation in Iraq has improved dramatically and will continue to
steadily improve.....and thus a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops.

As I-needed-a-second-shot Cheney, Rice-A-Baloney, and others are
doing their best to convince evrybody that they have 93% total control of
Iraq, they are re-inforcing the Green Zone, built/building other heavily
fortified sites, and building several permanent military bases.

As a reward for their toadying to the U.S., a Kuwaiti construction firm was
given a $592 million (U.S.) contract to rebuild the Green Zone.
The new Super-Sized Embassy will be self-sufficient and self-sustaining. The
complex will consist of 21 buildings, some with re-inforced concrete walls
15 feet thick.

The new McAmerica Wall Mart will contain residences for about 1,000
U.S. government officials...a gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis courts, a
field for baseball and football....a theatre complex...beauty/barber shops,
a food court....a supermarket-size commissary.....a school....library, a ware-
house, a vehicle maintenance/storage garage, and a huge barracks for U.S.
troops. The complex will also have independent utility services.......water,
electricity, and sewage treatment plants.
For those Iraqi civilians fortunate enough to experience the American
largesse of pennies-a-day employment, there are six apartment buildings
with 619 one-bedroom units.

Bush The Turbonator or I Can Make You A War
As George W. Bushstone is showing American bombevolency by reducing
Iraq to Stone Age Rubble, Halliburton & subsidiaries are building 4 new
permanent military bases. These new bases, each the size of a small city,
will each house 20,000+ troops.......as well as over 250 aircraft -- B-52's,
F-15's, F-16's, B-1's, C-130's, Apache helicopters, and many others.

Camp Victory, Camp Liberty, Camp Anaconda, and Balad Air Base,
each occupying about 15 square miles, have the same amenities as the
Green Zone....plus many others.......full-sized golf courses, mini golf courses,
bowling lanes, spas, tanning salons (go figure), souvenir stands, post offices,
restaurants, shops that have the latest in electronic gadgetry -- CD's, movie
rental outlets, and a host of other commercial enterprises found in any
middle-class urban areas of the U.S. The living quarters of the troops have
air-conditioning, cable TV, internet, and international telephone access.
The bases, with paved streets and avenues, stop signs, & traffic lights,
have residential areas for corporate contractors/employees & civilian
mercenaries......not to mention hospitals where doctors operate regularly
on wounded troops -- with the overflow going to Germany.

If the extravagant meals prepared by indigent people from South America,
the Phillipines, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, etc., don't interest the troops
they have their choice of lavish cuisine from McDonald's, Subway, KFC,
Taco Bell, Boston Pizza....or enjoy an iced cappucino or mocha latte at

As the war in Iraq begins its fourth year, the U.S.-led coalition-of-the-
grilling, having built new permanent fortified prisons, and abandoning Abu
Ghraib, continue to lock up Iraqi's in prison and still torture detained
"terrorists" -- men, women, children, the elderly. Civilians are still murdered
indiscriminately, & bombed by al CIAduh terrorists. The high-altitude bombings, the sieges, the A-10 & Apache helicopter attacks, etc., have not
achieved the results the U.S. wanted (apart from destroying Iraqi cities).
In spite of all the propagandic reports pumped out by the U.S. government
and military that Iraqi's are engaged in a civil war.....the reality is that the
Iraqi's have put aside their differences and have united in total solidarity to
wage a united guerrilla war against the U.S., and other foreign troops.

The Bush administration claims of 2,318 dead military personnel, 17,000
wounded, and 30,000 dead Iraqi's is inaccurate.
The actual numbers of U.S. dead is closer to 9,000 - 10,000, with over
40,000 wounded & maimed........about 400,000 murdered Iraqi's.

"My mission in Iraq has not been accomplished."
--- George W. Bush
! 22.Mar.2006 09:33


The Lord of the Lies at his best.....maybe even an Oscar for Director of
the year.