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actions & protests | police / legal m19 2006

PLDN - protesters at federal bldg released

The protesters who went to Wyden's office to demand that he introduce legislation to end the war in Iraq have been released.
The protesters have been in the federal building since noon today. They were allowed to occupy the space until 5:30. They have just been cited and released. They will be asked to post more info about their experiences.
Special Thanks to the media 20.Mar.2006 20:36


I want to also give thanks to the Channel 6 Cameraman who was out there for a couple hours waiting for the people in the building to get released. Also I would like to thank 1190 KEX guy who also showed up and hung arround for the protesters to be released.

I had called Channel 2, 6, 8 and the Oregonian... Chan 2 Drove by once, Chan 8 Rolled by twice, and the Oregonian reporter also casualy drove by to not be seen again.

At all the demonstrations and protests that I have been to, Channel 6 is always the one out there w/ a camera guy conducting Interviews and doing their job.


Also, Thanks to the people who showed up, And the demonstrators for putting their foot down to make a point. Hopefully I'll be free to support you guys when you go to court.

Great People 20.Mar.2006 21:23

Den Mark, Vancouver

The nineteen appeared from the side of the fed bldg & walked together up Madison to the park at about 6:45. They looked united & dignified & peaceful & terrific. Thank you, good people.

quibbling about "released" and thanking the corporate media 20.Mar.2006 22:09


i have a couple of thoughts about the above stuff. first, i am not certain the word "released" is the right word for this exodus of the demonstrators. i don't know the facts about what went on inside, but i think it was more like wyden's staff begging them to leave. if you are begged to leave, can you be said to be "released" when you go? in any case, there were tickets issued, so i guess they could technically have been detained at some point. maybe someone who was inside will clarify this point.

secondly, i think thanking the channel six cameraman is a little misplaced or premature, at best. the news director at channel six told that guy to get some film of the event. if he didn't go do it, he would not be working for channel six tomorrow. their station is one block from the federal building. don't be grateful because the cameraman stood in the cold with you. wait until you see how koin tv tells this story before you thank them for coming there, z'all i'm saying.

Great action 20.Mar.2006 22:14


It was one great action, and I was proud to be a part. I supported it since 9:30 am, and had to leave before their release. But my heart and work was with our group throughout. It took a lot of team work. Good going everyone!

reportback from wyden sit in 20.Mar.2006 23:16


here is my reportback from the event.


re: quibbling about "released" 21.Mar.2006 08:15

Rhonda Baseler sweet_earth_lover@hotmail.com

"Witness" admits to not knowing what went on inside - but Wyden's staff did not beg us to leave - at any point. They let Homeland Security do the talking for them.

I'm not sure what definition "witness" has for the word "released." To my way of thinking, when people are arrested by Homeland Security, placed in handcuffs, detained for booking, escorted to the entrance of the federal building, handcuffs removed, and then allowed to go - that pretty much constitutes "released." Our detention was more than "technical."

We were cited for failure to obey a lawful order. This is not merely a "ticket" in that we can't just send in a payment - our court appearance is mandatory (June 2).

As for the KOIN reporter showing up: No matter what the spin, at least one station did not ignore a significant even. I personally don't watch TV, so can't comment on the coverage KOIN gave, but at least someone showed up.


Thanx, PLDN 21.Mar.2006 11:00


Many thanks for your support!
Wanted to clarify: In Wyden's office, we were told that it was too crowded and that if we wanted legal observers, two of us would have to leave to "make room". After brief discussion, we decided that no one should leave, our solidarity was too important, and it did not feel like we were in danger of mistreatment, rights violations or wrongful arrest. Don't know what we would have done if any of those things seemed likely, but it was comfort and strength to know you were outside on our side.
PLDN is a great resource and we appreciate what must be hard, sometimes frustrating work. Keep it up. We need you.

to Rhonda Baseler and m 26.Mar.2006 19:59


yes, i made it clear that i did not know what was going on inside. you were there and thankfully you made it clear that you were arrested and detained. i thank you for your post and for taking this brave action.

regarding the media, i watched the koin tv news report that was played on the 11pm news. it was not too bad. i don't normally expect the corporate media to report fairly on people opposing the wars. it is becoming a little more common and this is one example. i will try to post the audio and/or video of the story soon.