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Man tasered by Portland police dies

A man died this afternoon after police tasered him.
A man who was disrupting traffic on Sandy Blvd. died after police were unable to arrest him and tasered him instead.

Get your stories straight 20.Mar.2006 18:36


I have little information more than posted above, except
that the area was closed for an unusually long period of time,
and that it was noticed many top brass made an appearance.

What's that tell us?

Just saw this on corp media 20.Mar.2006 18:37


According to the Channel 8 "news", the man was running in traffic and the police tried to stop him. When they couldn't, they tased him. As I understand it, they held the taser directly on his body and shot it. The man fell to the ground and was having a medical problem (no shit) and an ambulance was called. The man had a seizure and died on the way to the hospital. That is all Channel 8 had to say.

less than 20.Mar.2006 19:09


apparently less than lethal is lethal

we need to put a foot in Tom's ass 20.Mar.2006 19:31

big boots

to make good on his campaigne promises to rein in those disgusting PoPiggies!

For starters, he could fire Foxworth's damned ass, as he was put in by Vera solely
because of the "political correctness" of the fateful moment. He has shown himself
to be inept, unsure, incompetent, and afraid to stand up to the Robert King's and
the institutional racism and power-tripping that that sort of ilk represents. It's
time Foxworth fire some PoPiggy asses or Potter fires his.

I for one am sick 'n' tired of seeing on the TV where another fellow-citizen has
been wantonlessly killed by some whitetrashy cop that wears a badge and purports
to represent ME...not me, his damned ass doesn't represent, for he is the epitome
of all I detest in a human-being. It is coming to the point that I shall laugh in
the face of the first PoPig I find when I learn that a Portland cop has been killed
in the line of duty. So what! Big deal...how many fellow-citizens have these de-
testable bastards killed? Enough is enough! Rise up and force these stupid idiots
to change or force them to live under unrelenting stress 'n' strain so they'll kill
over with heart-attacks from the stress of carrying their stuborn attitudes and in
their refusal to accomodate the heart-felt wishes 'n' desires of WE THE PEOPLE.

I guess next act in this drama is for that silly Robert King to get on TV and give
some of his usual bullshit 'n' meaningless justitication as to why the "poor" over-
worked cop had to do it. This clown is the major reason no changes are had, with
some idiot like him playing the chief-enabler to such a dysfunctional gang of blue-
loonies and always justifying them, they've no real reason to search their heart's
and soul's and CHANGE! If that sorry SOB get's on TV over this, we need to write
him repeatedly to remind him of his own damned "dirty hands" as he, himself, is a
citizen-killer...if memory serves me correctly, it was really a mere child too!

Tom Potter, Chief Foxworth, and Robert King...get up off your damned asses and do
the job WE THE PEOPLE are paying you to do, or get it out the door for good, so we
may get some people in there that will do as we wish! Enough of my rant...

lethal for sure 20.Mar.2006 19:51


I did a quick Google search for taser deaths and came upon a recent study by students of the Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism at the University of North Texas. They are gathering statistics and reports of people killed by tasers and will share that information with interested persons. Here is the address of the article I was reading:


Duh, is there a doctor in the house? 20.Mar.2006 20:04


Maybe someday the general public will realize in their minds that electric shock is DANGEROUS no matter what the source and that only trained medical professionals should be legally empowered to use such methods - and then only to restart a stopped heart. This taser controversy remains indicative of the total dumbed down state of the American public. Does anyone even remember all the training school children used to receive regarding safety in the use of electrical devices? In case anyone forgot, they used to teach that any electric shock had the potential to kill someone. And now the cops use such methods routinely. What's it going to take? A class action suit by the entire by the entire population of the state? One wonders. In any event, for medical reasons, the use of these devices needs to be entirely outlawed. Even tranqualizer guns and pepper spray would be better. This confounded clinging to tasers by police begins to seem more like mental illness every time someone dies because of it.

Mr Potter's view on tasers 20.Mar.2006 21:41


To quote hizzoner:

"One of the primary reasons the Taser was introduced was to limit these struggles so that they could quickly be resolved and reducing the injuries received by both the arrested subject and the officers. To date, the adoption of the Taser has DRASTICALLY REDUCED INJURIES to both officers and the subjects they encounter both in Portland and around the country".

from indymedia 21.Sep.2005:

Mayor Potter Responds to Citizen Inquiry on Tasering of 16 Year Old:


Killing of the innocent by twice tasering a man already on the ground is murder 20.Mar.2006 23:09

Bill whf2929@aol.com

Any way you cut it this death is an outrage, I had the privilage to know this mid 40's gentleman for over 36 years, he was suffering from a disease known as hepatitis C and had extensive chemo therapy treatments and was nearly cured. The news reports from the eye witness indicate he was on the ground before the officer arrived to give him the double taser dose that ended this life. I have no experience with tasers but read with interest the offices reports of chasing the man and then using the taser to stop him. The eyewitness on the TV clip said the man was on the ground and his boss, with medical training was trying to help. Along comes RAMBO the taser expert and hits him with a double dose and ends his life. Why do police have to lie to justify it when they kill some one? Is lying such an institutional thing that truth can't be spoken by a police man?? This was not Rodney King, but I wish we could see the video. This was not a violent man, in fact I doubt he had ever been in a fight in his life. His condition was one of weakness having just completed a series of chemo therapy treatments. He was not of color or hispanic, he was a white native Oregonian that loved his State, Portland, Medford, His country, his parents and brother and sisters and as far as I could tell everyone around him. He was not big and not strong. At this point in his life he was weak from treatments, a Church attending God fearing Christian that had a pleasant disposition and personality.
I once commented when asked if OJ was guilty and would he be conviced, that he was guilty as hell but he was well represented and his attorneys would catch the police in a lie, as they nearly always stretch the truth. and OJ might be aquitted. I can see the cover up already starting with the police reports grossly different than the eyewitness accounts. If fact it was not until later that they even admitted to two taser blasts. I think we would all foam at the mouth over that treatment. The public should be outraged and insist on a totally (no police connection) independent investigation of this killing and not let the government white wash this man's murder.
What did he do to forfeit his life to this RAMBO with his double taser? Have all or Civil Liberties gone with 9/11?

Police Brutality 21.Mar.2006 09:13


another sign of over aggressive Police twice using a taser on a man lying down on a sidewalk, clearly in distress and yet killed by the office using a taser twice. When does this end? Deadly force used on a man in physical trouble should not be allowed.

Could have been my son... 21.Mar.2006 10:31

Gumby Cascadia

Six months ago, my 18 year old son left a party where he had been drinking and was walking down the middle of the street (somewhere near NE 25th and Couch?) when he was ordered to stop by police. When he didn't, they tasered him, TWICE, then tackled him to the ground breaking his two front teeth. He was taken into custody, not charged with anything, and held overnight. (Actually, he was released about 4 am, and had to walk home to St. John's.) He returned home with severe bruises on his wrists and scrapes on his face, back and chest.

When I called the NE precinct, there was no record of his arrest (since he wasn't, apparently "arrested") or of the "arresting" officers. The desk sargeant that I spoke to (and i can't now remember his name) said, "If that was MY kid, I'd kick his ass." I replied, "You guys already took care of that for me." He asked, "What do you want? Are you gonna give me some whine about tasers being bad? You're lucky your son wasn't shot." I said, "What I want is to know that when my kid is being 18, has had too much to drink and is just being stupid, that his life is not in danger. I want things to go back to the way they were when I was 18. If I got drunk and stupid, the worst to expect was being taken home and having my parents be waken by a cop knocking at the door to deliver me and getting grounded for a couple of weeks."

"Well lady... those days are long gone."

death by tazer 22.Mar.2006 07:02

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

i was taught that 5/1000 of an amp of electricle current to kill, some folks less. who taught me that? the u.s. army. most people would feel that as a very mild tingle.

could be any of us 22.Mar.2006 07:07


Fouad Kaady was also tased until the weapon would no longer work. I cringe to think about how many others suffer through this when what they need is HELP and compassion. My son suffers with seizures and I wonder if some awful day he will be out in the streets and "act weird" thus bringing an officer with his or her 'less than lethal' weapon to his "rescue". It is frightening to hear that the law enforcement line continues to be "we do this to protect you." We can see what this is really about. It is about finding the quickest method to shut down "unruly" citizens. It is about having a new toy and delighting in what it can do. It is not about THINKING or about protecting.

taser death stats... 22.Mar.2006 11:31

some one

it would be a good thing to track taser vs gun deaths.

this says 78 taser deaths between 2000 and 04.


cop admits tendency to domestic violence 22.Mar.2006 15:59


"if that was MY kid, I'd kick his ass"... Kinda ironic, isn't it? I bet he would kick his kid's ass. Would probaby slap his wife around, too, but you probably won't catch him saying that on the phone.

stop killing people (wriiten after Kaer killed Dennis Lamar Young) 27.Mar.2006 11:25


To whom it may concern,
I am exhausted by the Portland Police Bureau ending peoples lives. I don't understand how it is that people have come to have no remorse about participating in the death of a living being. One moment, a person might be breathing in, slowly, the cool damp Portland air, listening to the sound of tires on wet road, rain tapping on the roof of their car, feeling the nervous energy that comes with interacting with authority. The next moment they might be sitting in a pool of their own blood, potentially tasting the last flavor they will ever taste, the tinny foam of their own blood filling their throat and mouth as they experience the last seconds of tactile, emotional, auditory and visual existence. I wonder what the last thing was that Dennis Lamar Young saw; the folds in the skin of the tree he'd just crashed into, the flash from the badge of his killer, the plastic of the steering wheel? I wonder if as he died he heard a rushing in his ears, or if he was listening while the men who killed him mused aloud about whether he was alive or dead, or maybe it all happened so fast he felt only the tear of flesh and then he was dead. Let's hope it happened that way. This man was 28 years old. He is dead. Lt. Jeffrey M. Kaer killed him. The title of his very public obituary in the Oregonian is "Man killed by police had criminal history."

Young is among the many who have been shot to death by [a] Portland police officer[s], who are not only authorized to utilize such methods, but who have been supported in their actions, and defended by their supervisors and peers. They also receive money in the form of a paycheck from the City of Portland. I don't doubt that Kaer received full pay on the day he killed Dennis. I wonder what else he did that day. Murdering someone doesn't, to me, warrant cash exchange, but then, maybe I'm just a hippy or an off the chart radical.

In other news, news that may never have graced the pages of any paper, is the death of a man I knew. He was 34 years old. I used to talk with him about getting what you need in hard times. He was drunk one day when he went to New Season's market to buy more beer. When he got upset because the store wouldn't sell him beer, the New Season's employees called the police. His friend tried to advise the police about how they could get him into the squad car. His friend had known him for a long time, seen him through drunk days and bad holidays. Rather than heed his friend's advice, they threatened to arrest his friend and instead dropped the man on the ground, on his head. After he got out of jail and out of the hospital, the man couldn't see very well. He would intend to walk in one direction and instead walk in the exact opposite direction. He eventually lost all feeling in the right side of his body. He died a few weeks after his trip to New Season's to get more beer. I wonder if the Police he interacted with that day know that he's dead. And actually, I wonder how they would feel if someone told them that. I know how I feel when I hear about someone's life being over: I wonder if they were scared, what they wish they could have experienced as the last thing they emoted during this lifetime.

In reflecting on this most recent shooting, my friend said, what am I going to do if I'm ever in trouble and I feel my safety is in danger? Call the police? She's right. Why would I intentionally request the presence of a person or people who are notorious for ending the lives of perpetrators and/or victim/survivors of violence or crime? I don't want to die yet, and I don't want anyone killed on the way to protecting my safety.

I wonder what I'll do when I suffer violence at the hands of a stranger. I know one thing, I won't be calling the Police. They scare me more than being beaten alone in an ally. At least then I know I have a chance of survival.

What are you going to do to protect the people of Portland from the police?

Taser experience 30.Mar.2006 14:54

mom of 2 girls

I know someone that was tasered over and over again 19+ times and holds the marks from it still after 3 weeks. Doctors said he is lucky to be alive. The pictures would make you sick to your stomach. It was over a stupid remark to an officer. Freedom of speach right! This not only almost killed the guy but it saddens me that an officer can lose his temper so fast and be so uncontrolled. He used it on the guy until the battery went dead! Portland officers should have restrictions or guide lines on when they can use this weapon or get rid of them. They know that if they use it on someone who is on drugs they will most likely die so would that not be murder then. My kids are afraid of getting pulled over by an officer and this happening to them, what ashame we can not trust our officers to help or protect our children. This person this happened to has nightmares about this, so I'm praying the officer that did this is having them too!!