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actions & protests | police / legal m19 2006

PLDN - arrests at the federal building now

We have just received a report that the 19 protesters who have occupied Wyden's office are being arrested.
The protesters have been in there since noon and have requested the presence of Legal Observers. The authorities have not allowed the Legal Observers to enter the building despite negotiation attempts between the organizers of the action and the authorities. Many people have called Wyden's office to demand that Legal Observers be allowed to witness the event. Wyden's staff has been "snippy" with callers and in at least one instance have told callers that the protesters do not wish for Legal Observers to witness their action. THIS IS NOT TRUE. And now these protesters are being arrested with no witnesses or Legal Observers present. If you observe the arrestees being taken from the federal building, please call the Portland Legal Defense Network with information. 503-234-4518
What Really Happened 20.Mar.2006 19:56

Rhonda Baseler sweet_earth_lover@hotmail.com

As I remember it, a Homeland Security Police officer offered to allow legal observers up IF some of us traded places with the legal observers. After group process, the consensus was to stay together, thus eliminating the possibility of the LO.