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Giant rally...general strike May 1?

momentum thinking
Well, if Portland had one of the largest rallies, then maybe Portland should be the organizing base for a larger effort. People are sick of Cheney/Bush and they also feel frustrated at their lack of access to the levers of power. Maybe a national strike May 1, emanating from Portland organizers, would give even more momentum to the struggle against Bushist fascism.

A general strike is an opportunity for potlucks, live music and dancing in the streets (til late!), street fairs, and networking on a very personal level. Historically, successful general strikes have organized everything from security to milk delivery.

Just a thought. And we do have KBOO here, and so many talented people.
Good People 20.Mar.2006 17:12

bitter root

Even showing up an hour late, or taking the morning off is a start. This could ease into one day a week off, being prepared to escalate to "laying down your tools and staying home." The prospect of full spectrum shut down is pretty much all that's left before militant subversion and insurgency that will bring change.

But things aren't bad enough at a personal, visceral level, as has occurred in recent places like Argentina and Ukraine, that bring down regimes.

The US perpetual adolescence and cultural psyche is well adapted to living with lies and carrying on as if nothing is wrong--world champs of denial! As if to say that we're so lovable, clever and well meaning, and have such an altruistic well meaning record throughout our verbose, self-censored, delusional history.

(The regime's analysis of the moment of what went wrong now yields the charge of "wishful thinking"--no crimes, no attrocities, no fraud, no torture, no kidnapping, no lies. Just wishful thinking!)