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Milo Reporting to Grand Jury in Denver Tomorrow!

Milo wants and needs a show of support both in Denver and loacally here in Cascadia. If you have friends in Denver or Boulder, call them and ask them to rally at the Federal Building in Denver tomorrow morning!
[repost from Milo on Colorado Indymedia: *  http://cldc.org/nw_ecocrime.html ]

Grand Jury in Denver

Tuesday at 9 PM at the Federal Building on Stout St. in Denver, the Colorado Grand Jury hearing on the "Eco-Terror"/"Greenscare" case opens.
The motion to dismiss the subpoena was denied and they are forcing me into court on tuesday. Please help to support the resistance to this unjust Grand Jury! For more information see the links below;


*  http://cldc.org/nw_ecocrime.html
*  http://www.fbiwitchhunt.com
What happened? 23.Mar.2006 10:20

What happened?

What happened?